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Guest Name
Mike Curry
Guest Occupation
ACE certified personal trainer, Co-developer of Strongboard Balance Boards
Guest Biography

StrongBoard balance was founded by Mike Curry, and ACE certified personal trainer, and his wife, Adella Curry who runs a marketing consultancy. It was created and designed by Mike, while Adella heads the company’s sales and marketing departments.

StrongBoard balance is a one piece apparatus with the springs connected between a base and platform. Unlike traditional balance trainers, there is no tube or roller, which prevents the board from sliding out from underneath or coming apart. Due to this, StrongBoard balance is safer to balance on than other balance boards. StrongBoard Balance’s effectiveness lies in patented multi spring technology which prevents stabilization from occurring when body weight is applied. Through employing various balance techniques, StrongBoard Balance works to strengthen the core, strengthen stabilizing muscles and build neuropathic communication. By not allowing stabilization, the user’s muscles never stops working.With a design consisting of a solid base and a flat top, StrongBoard Balance is an effective tool for exercises including pushups, step ups, squats, and many others.