Guest, Mary Rodwell

Guest Name: 
Mary Rodwell
Mary Rodwell RN, Counsellor, Hynotherapist, Ufologist, Researcher, Metaphysician and Lecturer
Guest Occupation: 
Counsellor, Hynotherapist, Ufologist, Researcher, Metaphysician, Lecturer
Guest Biography: 

Mary Rodwell Founder of ACERN - ET Exploration

Mary Rodwell, nurse, hypnotherapist and professional counselor started explorations into ET experiences due to the "strange happenings" in the lives of her clients. Mary founded the rapidly growing Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN)

Mary is a true Paradigm Shifter, lovingly pushing the conventional envelope with her experiences and discoveries. Did you know we have ET DNA, that the new kids have different capabilities, are born with information in their cells beyond what you and I have? Mary calls them "star kids" Are you aware that crop circles are radiant messages about awakening?