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Guest Name
Marisha Chilcott
Guest Occupation
Doctor, CEO, Physician
Guest Biography

Marisha Chilcott is a Board Certified Family Physician who earned her MD at UC Davis School of Medicine and completed her residency at the Contra Costa Family Medicine program in Martinez, CA. Before medical school, she worked as a consultant in the electric utility industry, focused on demand-side management program evaluations and software development. She has a BA in Mathematics from UC Berkeley, although she claims to have "majored" in boys and beer. I am just checking to see if anyone is actually reading this. Gotcha, Amy.

Dr. Chilcott has worked as an emergency room physician, a primary care doctor, a geriatrician, and as an aesthetic medical provider. It is with this breadth of experience that she comes to Be the Change in Mental Health (BTC) committed to creating a clinical treatment center that will improve society with the multiplicative effect of one-human-at-a time wellness that cannot help but influence families and friends.

All of Dr. Chilcott's personal and professional experiences culminate in being uniquely qualified to lead BTC to achieve our mission. She understands the challenges of the broken medical system with its distorted incentives, problematic third-party payor structure, and the absurd separation of mental health from all other types of healthcare. She is a successful business person who can understand financial imperatives, allocate resources to get work done, and build a team that will leverage her individual energy into an entire organization. She is a leader who will create the productive, supportive, brave culture that is needed to disrupt the status quo in mental health care.