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Guest Name
Larry Buzzell and Inelia Benz
Larry Buzzell and Inelia Benz
Guest Occupation
Larry is a Shamanic Makah Wisdom Keeper and Fisherman Inelia is an Ascension Worker and Author
Guest Biography

I, Larry Buzzell, was born in July 1968 - one of millions of incarnations here.  I grew up in Alaska, spent 4 years exploring "jobs", until re-discovering the sea.  Finding ocean work, did 4 years in the Coast Guard and was happy to return to my anscestral home in Neah Bay, Washington, an Indian reservation for the Makah Tribe, to which I belong.  The ocean here provides sustenance, adventure, riches, unending challenge and opportunity.  It can also become a trap of comfort, familiarity and fear of loss which often accompanies the struggles of reservation poverty, abuse and addictions.  Neah Bay offers the entirety of worldy experiences condensed into a micro nation.  Or so I thought...

Until I woke up one day, more so than any other day, and met Inelia Benz.

This is Inelia's first incarnation on any planet, so she was born without self-importance, attachments, personal agendas, or the desire for evolution and soul advancement.  Yet she knew upon arrival that the planet needed to vibrate at a higher level in order to undergo a global ascension.  She didn't know how to assist or communicate this need to others.  In 2010 she received a request from Source to go public and become the voice of empowerment; since then, she has been fulfilling that request full time.

Now together as a couple...we find ourselves doing the things we had mainly dreamt of. The daydreams, the dream becoming reality.  Manifestations become instantly present in the moment we become clear to each other.  This is what creates our shared reality.  We have begun to gather; like tribes re-uniting, regaining lost clarity, and sharing our "stories"...getting clear.  

Meet us, and all who are ready to gather, at  Or, meet us physically at Neah Bay, where we are presently manifesting our center, our physical location; a place from which to create with clarity.

* Note from Lance White, the "Zany Mystic"...

I've been blessed to know both Larry and Inelia for a while now, and am gifted with their friendship, wisdom and humor.  In addition to raising the vibration of the planet, Inelia has written two books; the first one is "Interview With an Alien", and her recent book just out is titled "Interview With a Psychic Assassin".  It's an exciting and thinly veiled true story, with twists and turns to thrill.  Its true gift is in its transformative power.  Read it and find out why!