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Kevin F Montague
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Author, Scholar, Artisan, and Scientist
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I am a 63 years old scholar and scientist: A graduate out of Loyola University in Westchester Los Angeles from the 1970's. I have also had two full NED experiences at age 25 and 44 that changed the way I look at the Universe and even our periodic chart of elements. It also affected the way I look at all our sciences on the planet, especially medicine.

I was finally interviewed on Coast to Coast AM by George Noory on November 19, 2019 and April 5, 2020; to tell some of my amazing life story. I came back from the Light to write a new book I've titled THE MASTER'S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE. The book delves into the science behind how non-environmental and non-congenital disease works in all organic life on the planet. This is cutting edge science and connections our planet needs which cover everything from CFS to Cancer and how they are formed in the body.

You can read more about the story behind my work, as a private researcher scientist, on my website; at the following URL where I'm selling the book. The book has been selling both through out of the UK as an ebook and through out of New Jersey, as a soft cover, paperback version.

So far, everyone who has interviewed me are very interested in my two NDE experiences. However, I did not come back from the other side to talk about that experience and get stereo typed as a paranormal experience. I came back to help bring new insight into our world to help save human life by enhancing our medical knowledge on this planet. I need to be heard on more medical and alternative medical health care talk shows, not just the paranomal shows who are interested in my NDE experiences. The knowledge revealed in THE MASTER'S KEY, not only saved my life, but is saving the lives of those who put the knowledge to work in their own lives after they read THE MASTER'S KEY.

There is no other book like THE MASTER'S KEY book on the face of the planet right now and what it reveals, I know because I've read the top health science books these past 20 years as well as thousands of abstracts on the subject leading to incredible connections out planet needs right now, including how to clear the COVID19 virus from the body without a vaccine. No one has captured what I reveal in THE MASTER'S KEY.

You can hear segments of my talks with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM by going to my website!


I was born back in the mid 1950’s to Patrick and Patricia Montague. I attended four grade schools in Los Angeles, California: I was a born asthmatic and struggled with bad eye sight all my life. This kept me out of sports and kept me more in my books. So my physical handicaps served to make me the scholar I am today. My parents divorced when I was age ten, after being separated for three years. My brother Patrick Vincent and I eventually wound up in the custody of my father just before the start of our teen years. We then both attended Notre Dame High School from about 1970 to 1974. I graduated cum laude (with honors) and won a California State scholarship. I decided to attend Loyola University of Westchester, California, because I was interested in their fine & communication and liberal arts & sciences programs.

My interest had always been in the arts and sciences, since I could first walk. I was always taking things apart as a boy to see how they worked, as a budding young scientist and I wanted to learn music at the early age of 5 years. However, the unrest in my family caused by my mother, held me back from learning at the fast pace I wanted to learn. I got some lessons, but didn’t get to really pursue learning music, until age 15: Then, while attending Loyola University, I nearly second majored in music before graduation. These days I keep a Cdbaby artist page of some of my earlier music works dating back to my late teens and early twenties. I thought back then, I would not focus more on the science aspect of my interests, until this time of my life anyway: So, I went after the performing arts first, while keeping my studies in the liberal sciences going, even after graduation. I never stop studying and reading as a scholar.

After graduation from Loyola University, around age 23; I had my first full death encounter off the operating table of Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital during a pylogram and cystoscope study at age 25; where sodium pentothal was used to put me under. I did not have to come back from the Light in that experience, for I had learned the original plan for my life had been “wrecked”, as I stood before the Lord of the Universe we call Jesus in this world, while I was in the Light. So I didn’t have to come back to the Earth at age 25. The experience was all quite real and profound. We are part of something far grander than any of you can even begin to imagine. How the grander picture of it all works,

I came back to reach out to my parents and brother, because the Light showed me that they were tetter tottering between Heaven and Hell: Both places in the Light are quite real I might add. Our Lord encouraged me to return, so I would be sure they were going to be fine, before moving me on past this life. I was working on a new board game titled THE MILLION DOLLAR BANK GAME, so as to market it with the banks as a giveaway premium and then into the retail market back in those days. I’ve never been wealthy as a scholar, but I knew I needed a vehicle that would quicken the pace of making me the money I needed to further pursue the arts and sciences. That’s another story in my life. I was very close to final success after many years of marketing, when I walked into a local Vons supermarket near my home, where I bought contaminated sausage, causing my health to dramatically fail. I spent 3 years with Western medicine to try and save my life. After three years, my primary care physician told me to go home and die; for there was nothing else they could do for me.

I was very close to death when I met a fellow by the name of Dr. Rick Santee, ND; who started me down a new pathway to help me change my biological terrain. I had entered a new world of science I would have to master. My life was dependent upon it too. Eventually, I surpassed Dr. Santee’s knowledge as a research scientist and started to begin the journey that lead to writing THE MASTER’S KEY, where I was walking “virgin territory” in my research studies Santee told me. It took 15 years to write the new book that came from that as I saved my life in the end.

When the Light showed me the peril my parents and brother were in, with them tetter tottering between heaven and hell, I decided to come back; to see if I could make a difference in their lives, to get them home to the Light, where our Lord’s heaven is located.

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