Guest, Kelly Fedorowich

Guest Name: 
Kelly Fedorowich
Kelly Fedorowich
Guest Occupation: 
Race Car Driver and Marketing Maven
Guest Biography: 

Kelly Fedorowich is the matriarch of Dark Side Racing. Dark Side Racing is Calgary based, community focused, and family owned and operated by David, Kelly and son Nikolas Fedorowich. They are a team of motorsports marketing professionals who specialize in heart pounding, Nitro-fueled corporate experiences.

She is also on a mission to become the Fastest Woman in Canada and is going to achieve it by strapping into the cockpit of one of the fastest accelerating vehicles on the planet – their 10,000 horse power nitromethane-burning Top Fuel dragster. She is  proud to be the only Canadian woman to ever pilot a Top Fuel Dragster.

She was first introduced to the adrenaline-filled world of drag racing 1986 and as the song goes “two worlds collided and they could never tear us apart”. Kelly met her husband David on her 20th birthday. He was 31 years old and a well-known competitor in Western Canada’s drag racing scene. They travelled throughout the US (and Japan) and home was a customized drone box on the back of our Freightliner semi-trailer. We were living the dream.

In the spring of 2012 they debuted the Dark Side Racing Top Fuel Dragster – Western Canada’s only Top Fuel racing team. Their dream was alive!

"It’s been our honour to utilize our high-profile racing operation to promote and share a prostate cancer awareness message with the people we meet and the communities we visit. My quest to become the fastest woman in Canada is a throwing down of the gauntlet – a challenge aimed at attracting more girls and women to this wonderful, exciting motorsport. Professional drag racing needs more female mentors, and I’m ready to step up to the plate." shares Kelly.

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Kelly Fedorwich