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Guest Name
Kathryn Hand
Guest Occupation
Hypnotherapist, Past-life Regressionist, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Event Organizer
Guest Biography

Kathryn Hand is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives therapy. Starting her career in the high-powered world of investment banking, Kathryn was involved in communications, media and corporate events for global companies in both Sydney and London. In addition to this, Kathryn has actively been marketing, managing and promoting local and small businesses over the last 15 years.

Whilst reading Dr Michael Newton’s ‘Journey of Souls’, Kathryn had a deeply profound experience which led her to ultimately fulfil her calling and make the life-changing career move as a hypnotherapist. She is proudly one of an elite, global group of 250 spiritual regressionists certified by Dr Michael Newton.

The journey of searching for evidence of our immortal existence began for Kathryn after her 6th grade teacher introduced her to the metaphysical - it has been a consuming interest ever since that has evolved to an ongoing discovery of consciousness.  She is passionate in helping people achieve a greater understanding of their own consciousness and connecting them to their highest, immortal self.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Kathryn discovered the importance of developing a health consciousness.  The day before she was scheduled for a double mastectomy, Kathryn intuitively felt there had to be a better way to healing than having both her breasts removed and damaging chemotherapy.  She cancelled the surgery and watched a documentary series that Mick had purchased, The Truth About Cancer.  It gave her hope for the giant leap of faith she had taken.  Kathryn and Mick embarked on natural therapies and their passion for plant and energy medicine has seen the birth of their latest project, the Plant & Energy Medicine Symposium.