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Guest Name
Joseph Mark Cohen
Guest Occupation
Teacher of Sacred Geometry in Crop Circles and the Mysteries
Guest Biography

Joseph-Mark Cohen

is one of the intrepid pioneers in the
  final frontier of inner space, and through his
Tree Of Life School unveils his discoveries
  for decoding ancient and modern mysteries
   with sacred geometry in crop circles as well
   as sacred sites worldwide where he has led
   dozens of mystery tours over thirty+ years.

Source Code Resources

An accomplished pianist with proficiency in a
 variety of venues for frequency attunement,
Joseph is also expert in ‘sacred geometry’
as the same ‘SOURCE CODE’ revealed in
ancient sacred ritual circles as well as
modern crop circle patterns and the
fractal ‘Geometric Ordered Divinity
framing universal Law and Order
throughout the ‘Source Field’ of
the whole, holistic & all ways
‘holy’ holographic universe.  

Co-Creation with Source

Co-Creation with Creator-Source or however
 you know a God of Love is not a mystery as
  Source code for ‘Law of the Angles’ framing
   “Language of the Angels” (heart coherence).

  In this interview, we’ll be discussing
Joseph’s beautiful and educational
 'Crop Circle Oracle Cards' plus his
 knowledge of Kabbalistic astrology
  and the cosmic codes that connect
    the dots to the big picture of ancient
      and modern mysteries governing the
       conscious evolution of spirit in matter
    on 3-D Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

 Welcome Joseph-Mark Cohen to
   Cosmic LOVE with your Presence.

~ Christopher Rudy