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Jocelyn Kessler
Jocelyn Kessler
Guest Occupation
Animal-human communications consultant. Author
Guest Biography
I work privately with both people and their animals as a communications specialist/consultant helping to improve, solve and or understand the relationship between you and your animal.  Publicly, I am a regular contributor to Dogs Naturally Magazine, The author of The Secret Language of Dogs (which can be found on Amazon with the link in Press attachment.) Also a public speaker at various institutions such as Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia) educating on the commonalities -  unique connections we share with our animal friends and how we can grow and expand off those very connections. Being newly relocated from LA I am looking to connect with Denver/Colorado more intimately with my work... with a specific focus on the people and their animals of a state I have chosen to now, call home.  So, I am open to new personal as well as getting more involved in local media, speaking engagements and writing for more local periodicals... Let's just say I am  ready to dive in:)


Jocelyn Kessler has worked as an animal/human counselor for the last 15 years, all over the country. Jocelyn has consulted with independent business owners, individuals and corporations in the health-wellness and entertainment industries in the area of animal-human communications and behavior. Her book, The Secret Language of Dogs, offers enlightenment on how to improve the understanding and flow of communication between you and your dog. Born and raised in Port Washington NY amongst 6 large Great Pyrenees, even at a young age Jocelyn's mission was to help humans and animals live their best lives. She now resides in Denver, CO.

WEBSITE: (launching 9/4/20)

DOGS NATURALLY ARTICLE (Regular Contributor)