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Guest Name
Jean-Claude Koven
Guest Occupation
Entrepreneur, Social Visionary, and author of Going Deeper
Guest Biography

Jean-Claude Koven is an entrepreneur, social visionary, and author of Going Deeper the first great metaphysical teaching novel of the new millennium.

A rare, independent, and adventurous free spirit who successfully combines practical enterprise and cosmic mystery. He is a highly successful entrepreneur who has launched more than a dozen business ventures over the course of four decades, during which time he studied with spiritual masters and led awareness-expanding workshops on six continents.

Jean-Claude’s abiding love of the mystery of Creation sent him around the world on a relentless quest to learn from a host of extraordinary masters—both on and beyond this plane of existence. What he saw and realized along the way informs his unique perspective and imbues his writing with uncommon love, power, and wisdom. Jean-Claude speaks for the millions of Lightworkers who have come to this planet to help evolve the consciousness of its people.

With startling clarity and power, Jean-Claude’s words and wisdom awaken the dormant memories hidden deep within each of us. Suddenly, we remember our true self and our true purpose—and with such certainty that we never fall asleep again!   You can find articles, events and more on his website below, and you can find him on Facebook for personal contact!