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Guest Name
Ichak Adizes
Dr. Ichak Adizes
Guest Occupation
Owner/Creator/Founder of Adizes - a worldwide consulting organization, Founded the Adizes Methodology™, International Bestselling Author and Speaker,
Guest Biography

Dr. Adizes is one of the world's leading experts on organizational performance and change. Over the past 35 years, he has worked with some of the world's largest corporations and consulted with many heads of state. Dr Adizes is also a noted author and has lectured in in more than 40 countries.

Adizes is a worldwide consulting organization serving clients who are involved in many diverse industries, and range in size from start-ups to members of the Global 100. At the heart of the organization is the Adizes Institute where research, licensing and training in the Adizes Methodology™ is conducted. The Institute is also associated with the Adizes Graduate School, which offers master and doctoral degree programs in organizational transformation.

Since 1973, Adizes has provided thousands of organizations with a powerful and comprehensive change program that unlocks their hidden value and enables them to achieve leadership positions in their industries.

Adizes specializes in aiding CEOs, top management teams, boards and owners of companies to quickly and effectively resolve issues such as:

- Difficulties in making the transition from entrepreneurship to professional management.
- Bureaucratization which leads an organization that is out of touch with its markets and losing entrepreneurial vitality.
- Conflicts between founders, owners, board members, partners and family members.
- Internal conflicts and politics that escalate to the extent that they inhibit the success of the business.
- Growing pains.
- Culture clashes between companies undergoing mergers or acquisitions.

We are experts at enabling an enterprise to make fundamental improvements without the destructive conflicts that plague many major change efforts. Our goal is to help our clients dramatically improve the performance of their organizations, achieve sustainable revenue and profitability targets, enjoy ìPrimeî conditions of operations, and improve the quality of their work lives.