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Vibrant Health Guru
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Astonishing Science about Your Health
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Gunther Mueller has spent the last decade working with over 250 medical professionals, assisting them to bring life-changing therapies to help their patients feel: Young, Healthy, and Vibrant. Vibrant Health Gurus is Gunther’s weekly radio show which broadcasts on 94.3 KNEWS in Palm Springs, CA., reaching 25,000 listeners. Gunther interviews experts who are radically changing people’s health destiny. From Cardiologists, OBGYN’s, Family Practice Doctors to Authors, Inventors, and Key Opinion Leaders, Gunther delivers the education and complex information in simple, easy to understand conversations to inspire people to act and take charge of their own health care decisions. Since 1997 Gunther is co-owner of Preventive Medicine Centers in Palm Springs, which practices individualized evidence-based medicine. Gunther’s dream is to help billions of people get the education they need about how their bodies function so that they can age and feel terrific in optimal healthier ways.