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Graham McQuade
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Graham McQuade is an Author who has a couple of novels under his belt and a third on the way, Mr. McQuade says he still struggles to see himself as an author. Because his world is dominated by work and his family. writing is still like a bit of a bolt on activity. Although around 80% of his downtime is occupied by thoughts of whatever he is still  writing and not complaining, Mr. McQuade says he obviously loves  his  family and believe it or not, he loves his  job too! Time is something that he has  never really had enough of, in his world, time is the most valuable commodity. But he is  not alone, as an independent author you have to be the master when it comes to finding time to write. And those times are rarely ideal, late at night, early mornings and the odd slot over a weekend.
There is a plus side to this, he has never sat in front of the computer wondering what to write… his  head is usually bursting with ideas and he has stacks of notes that he have taken down when an idea has jumped out at him. Join me on March 2, 2021 at 12 Noon as I have a awesome conversation with the Infinity man here live on BBSRadio/Allroads65...