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Guest Name
Dr. Palayakotai Raghavan (Raghu)
Guest Occupation
Chairman of Nanorx Inc., Formulator, Chemist
Guest Biography

Dr. Palayakotai Raghavan (Raghu)

Chairman and CEO
Nanorx Inc
Greater New York City

Dr P. R. Raghavan is CEO of Nanorx Inc. He has a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Oregon State University (1979) and a M.S. in Chemistry (1972) from I.I.T. Mumbai. He has 25 years of drug discovery experience at Columbia University, Max Planck Institute, Germany, Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis) and Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals.

Dr Raghu is the formulator of the product known as Nano Soma.
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Nanorx Inc is a start up in the field of Nanomedicine. Metadichol® our lead therapeutic, is a water-soluble form of Natural product which is well studied and tested in the powder form for the last 25 years and is sold in many countries. Our study has shown a wide range of effects that targets key biomarkers implicated in Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, inflammation and auto immune diseases.

Metadichol is covered by US patent 8.722.093, 9.006,282 and 9.034,383. In addition, patents have been granted in China, South Africa, Singapore, Russia, Korea, Canada, Australia and Japan. EU, Chile.Patents are expected to be issued in India, Brazil. Mexico, UAE Egypt and Malaysia this year.

Read all about Metadichol® at

It is marketed in SE Asia under the brand name Metadichol and in the US as Nano-Ojas,

For more information visit our US site and our Asian site

To download publications and patents visit or and key word Metadichol