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Guest Name
Dr. Johanna Zee
Guest Occupation
Registered Nurse, Intuitive Healer, Inspirational Speaker, Activist, Advocate
Guest Biography

I bring decades of conventional and alternative healing experience, humor, intuition and wisdom to our time together. The depth of my suffering in this lifetime has been a catalyst for my inner freedom and I wouldn’t change a thing.

My spirit has a solid foundation, while at the same time, is highly sensitive. This intuitive grounded way of being allows me to guide your healing on many levels. We are a team, though ultimately, transformation is up to you. I am here to support you and hold up a mirror so you can see and feel your innate strength and beauty.

Gratitude and compassion fill my heart on this journey. I want to share this with you, as together, human consciousness expands and evolves. This is why we are here.

2007- PhD, Natural Hygiene (Science of Self-healing)

1993- A.S. Nursing, Registered Nurse (now retired) Training: Therapeutic Touch, Pranic Healing, Hypnosis

15 years – Integrative Health Consultant
10 years- Registered Nurse
6 years-  Director non-profits – animal welfare/medicine, acting veterinarian (3 years)
11 years- Intuitive Healer
15 years- Inspirational Speaker
45 years- Activist and advocate (yes, I started VERY young)