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Guest Name
David Schroeder
David Schroeder
Guest Occupation
Licensed Social Worker and Life Coach
Guest Biography

David Schroeder, LMSW, CPC is a clinical and spiritual social worker and professional life coach. In his private practice Transition Pathways, David offers a variety of techniques to assist individuals, couples, and groups in finding healthy pathways to love, higher awareness, and greater potential. He conducts workshops and retreats on topics such as: Spirituality and self-esteem, The Path to Conscious Relationship, The Power of Being, men’s issues and more. David is also the author of book: Just Be Love: Messages on the Spiritual and Human Journey. He conducts workshops around the books themes.

David has a wonderful loving wife, Terese and two grown sons, who are all full of passion and dedication to serve others. He also enjoys time with his curious and energetic grandchildren.

David lives in Grand Rapids, MI. and enjoys traveling and exploring sacred sites around the world. He values helping others, time with family, friends, walks in nature, meditation and connecting with Source.

In David's own journey, he has learned the importance of self-love, acceptance and honoring his perfection within his imperfections.