Guest, CJ Peterson

Guest Name: 
CJ Peterson
Guest Occupation: 
Award-winning Fiction Writer
Guest Biography: 

C.J. Peterson is a 5-time award-winning author. She first published her fiction books in 2012, and knows how to relate well to people of all ages. Her bright spirit and personality shine through as she shares her various passions and heart as an author, blogger, and now podcaster! C.J. brings to life not only her world of writing and being a former youth leader for 18 years, but also shares portions of her abuse-survival past, and how that has shaped her in order to help others. C.J. Peterson grew up in a Christian military home, but it was far from tranquil. Many of life's lessons were hard ones. Like many people, she walked with God, wandered away from God, and back again. After a long time of searching, C.J. found her husband, a 24-year Navy Veteran. His support and love was the encouragement she needed to rekindle the creativity she thought she lost long ago. While the stories are fiction, the journey is real. Recently, she has had a number of successes and earned a number of awards.