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Guest Name
Carrie Mardula
Guest Occupation
Entrepreneur, BHT Mental Health Counselor, Education Specialist, CEO of TDAC Solutions
Guest Biography

Carrie Mardula has a fascinating and diverse background with 15 years in the Behavioral Health field. She began her career working with Severely Emotionally disturbed Youth and transitioned to a BHT/ Counselor for Severely Mentally ill clientele. She then found a desire to work as an Education Specialist and GED teacher more than a decade with the Federal Bureau of Prisons while continuing to work in a 24, 16 and 8 hour residential behavioral treatment facilities. There she has learned the inner workings of a residential behavioral health treatment facility in regard to programing and set up.  

In 2007, she received her Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Phoenix followed by her Master Degree in Psychology in 2009 from the same institution. Carrie also served as an Equal Opportunity Employment counselor from 2007-2011. 

Carrie is a forward thinker in that she believes in a person's ability to recover from their prior circumstances and reintegrate positively back into society; provided they are shown the proper skills, given the proper tools, and have the self-motivation to learn and grow as an individual. She also believes in community involvement that helps create and promote a more humane, caring, and responsible society. 

In 2012, the entrepreneur in Carrie took full charge. Combining all of her years experience in the behavioral health field, and having a huge desire to want to make a difference for those struggling with mental health, substance abuse, PTSD and TBI issues she began TDAC, Technology Driven Alternative Care. TDAC is a  National reseller of Tele-health benefits, TDAC is able to provide 24/7 counseling via phone,  Doctors via Phone/Video,Email, or App. And so much more. TDAC is changing the way Americans go to the doctor. TDAC prides itself by catering to the small business owner, the veteran, senior and collegiate communities, TDAC is providing alternatives that literally bridge the gap in the great healthcare debate, for less than $1.00 a day for the entire family, and you can have your doctor on demand.