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Guest Name
Brian Gryn
Guest Occupation
Fitness & Golf Coach, Intermittent Fasting advocate, & Author
Guest Biography

I’m a certified personal trainer, human movement specialist and health coach. I’ve been in the health and wellness industry now for over 12 years, working with clients both in and outside the gym, helping them achieve life-changing results. During my time helping these people, I noticed that while some of them took the right courses of action to lose weight, something was still holding them back from maximum success. What I eventually discovered was Intermittent Fasting (IF) became the missing link that totally made all the difference in their lives.  Through my Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal, certification course and one on one coaching I help middle aged individuals who are looking to lose inches around their waist, gain energy, and be in control of their cravings.

I am a kids author of The Magic Zoo teaching life/health lessons to kids, health coach and just recently wrote a intermittent fasting certification!