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Arjan Schrikkema
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My name is Arjan Schrikkema and I have a background in mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and environmental technology. In 2004 I did research in vegetable gardens near railroad tracks to investigate how heavy materials were spread in the soil and how they came there.

I have made several discoveries since 2010 with the creationlightship and other beings as well:

  • In 2010 I discovered an implant in my physical body declining the physical life very fast. The implant was at least 6000 years old.
  • In 2012 I discovered more than 50 barcodes in my physical body that can copy life altering event from another parallel life to this (current) life.
  • In 2015 I successfully brought gold with an orgone blanket into the hologram which is absorbable for the human body and this can be used as a vitamin. Gold in this case will ground the body and clears the acidification in the body.

Nowadays, I want to market the orgone blanket with several metals such as gold, zinc and copper. The blankets can be custom made and they can be used by the hour. I can also sell Receptor’s and Quantum Nuclear Heart Receptor with an appropriate crystal which can affect the wearer in a positive way. Arcturian Healings are clearings done through a medium which are very advanced and suitable for clearing out any issue known- and unknown to mankind.

This week I am validating the working between the Nuvision and creationlightship healings. The Nuvision (or scalin) is holographic software which allows the operator to see what a person is going through and the creationlightship is source energy with many lightbeings that are able to assist people to have very advanced healings. Using the data from the Nuvision I want to setup more advanced and in-depth healings with the creationlightship.

In my crowdfunding project called ‘’project timelinecrash’’ I want to crowdfund €55000. When I have raised this amount of money, I can buy and use holographic software (=Nuvision) and provide useful information how to proceed with the online clearings and the timeline crashes with the creationlightship. This includes clearing out the emotions, feelings, trauma’s, abductions, fear, anxieties, pain, alien parasitic lifeforms, alien race attacks, barcodes, implants and much more.

Contact Information:

Arjan Schrikkema

Waterhuizen 3

9609PA Waterhuizen