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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 16 May 2021

Faith Connection with Dr David Miller

Faith Connection with Dr David Miller
Talk Show:
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Dr David Miller

Weekly talk show in which we interview people that have gone through tremendous struggles, have overcome and been able to succeed.  We also interview movers and shakers in the communities, as well as young artists who are trying to get their music recognized and authors who have written new books.  We also have a world news component that keeps our listeners connected to what's going on around us.  Therefore, that's what gave birth to the name The Faith Connection for the show.

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

Faith Connection , October 16, 2019 Guests, Calvin Brock, heavyweight contender and Ralph Sanchez, MTCM, CNS, D.Hom., Diabetic Brain and Alzheimer
Faith Connection , October 9, 2019 Guests, Ralph Sanchez, MTCM, CNS, D.Hom., Diabetic Brain and Alzheimer and Rocky Cabagnot, public charity attorne discus
Faith Connection , October 2, 2019 Guests, Rocky Cabagnot, lawyer in NC, and community public interest development and dr Edward Creagan, Oncologist
Faith Connection , September 25, 2019 Guests, Dr Edward Creagan, oncologist and Carl David, fine arts dealer and author, discussing suicide prevention
Faith Connection , September 18, 2019 Guests, Sharon D Edwards, CEO Community Outreach Training Center and Carl David, fine art dealer and author
Faith Connection , September 4, 2019 Guest, Gary VanDyke Interview, Feeding The Orphans, and Church Impart
Faith Connection , August 28, 2019 Guests, Eric Twigg, procrastination, and C.B. and Dan Hoffman
Faith Connection , August 21, 2019 Guests, Bryant Walker, Social Media Marketing, and Dr Honey Spencer Smith, plastic surgeon and cancer doctor
Faith Connection , August 14, 2019 Guests, Clifton and Sharon Freshwater, Southern and New Orleans Cuisine, and Michael Norman, Global Vocational Training
Faith Connection , July 31, 2019 Guests, Sonja Chisholm and Dr Gina R Prince
Faith Connection , July 17, 2019 Guests, Nicholas Wharton and Sonja Chisholm
Faith Connection , July 10, 2019 Guests, Congressman Dan McCready and Wall Amos of Amos Cookies
Faith Connection , July 3, 2019 Guest, Meredith Dolhare - Substance Abuse
Faith Connection , June 26, 2019 Guests, John Clifton (Universouls Circus) and Rebecca Moffett (Abuse)
Faith Connection , June 19, 2019 Guests, Reverend Melvin Leroy Tat with Mount Calvary Baptist Church and Gloria Ross of South Side Church of God
Faith Connection , June 12, 2019 Guests, Tiffany Johnson part 2 and SBA Financing
Faith Connection , June 5, 2019 Guests, Tiffaney Johnson and Quintin Bethea
Dr David Miller
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Founder of The Connect Center

Dr David Miller is the founder of, The Connect Center, which was specifically founded to provide valuable community training and support services for seniors and families.

The Connect Center support system is a true life line for those that we serve that find it difficult to connect with programs and services needed for everyday life. 

They are here to help you succeed!