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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 16 May 2021

Faith Connection with Dr David Miller

Faith Connection with Dr David Miller
Talk Show:
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Dr David Miller

Weekly talk show in which we interview people that have gone through tremendous struggles, have overcome and been able to succeed.  We also interview movers and shakers in the communities, as well as young artists who are trying to get their music recognized and authors who have written new books.  We also have a world news component that keeps our listeners connected to what's going on around us.  Therefore, that's what gave birth to the name The Faith Connection for the show.

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

Faith Connection , May 27, 2020 Guests, James Benton, Dr Sheila Benton, associated athletic director, Nixa Babosa, investigator, and students
Faith Connection , May 13, 2020 Guests, Calvin Brock, Pastor Cannon, Pastor Melvin Leroy Tate, and Dr Edward Creagan
Faith Connection , May 6, 2020 Guests, Donna Parameswar, Operation Decisive Victory, and James Benton, Benton Youth Initiative
Faith Connection , April 29, 2020 Guest, Calvin Brock, Charlette Boxing Academy, Pastor Cannon, Church and youth in Huntsville, & Pastor Melvin Leroy Tate
Faith Connection , March 18, 2020 Guests, Maya Norvel, Teresa Hughes and Damiko Faulkner with the Shaladaria Fund and Fonda Bryant, mental health
Faith Connection , March 4, 2020 Guests, Fonda Bryant, Mental Health Experts in NC and Arcadia Armstrong, author and foster care youth advocate
Faith Connection , February 19, 2020 Guests, Arcadius Armstrong, speaker, author and activist, and Pastor Dr Larry W Whitley cancer survivor
Faith Connection , February 12, 2020 Guests, Commissioner Rev. Dr Larry W Whitley, NC city council and Patty Amos, mental health change advocate
Faith Connection , January 29, 2020 Guest, Matt D. Talford, author of From Fear To Faith, a Survivor's Story - part 2
Faith Connection , January 22, 2020 Guests, Matt D. Talford, author of From Fear To Faith, a Survivor's Story, and Dr Dee Honeycutt, Naturopathy
Faith Connection , January 15, 2020 Guests, Dr Dee Honeycutt, Naturopath and Talk Show Host, and Rocky Cabagnot attorney, Charlotte, NC
Faith Connection , January 1, 2020 Guests, Ylonda Medley Powell​, producer and director, BIG BOYS DO CRY & Mark Blackwell, Founder of Justice Ministries
Faith Connection , December 18, 2019 Guests, Mark Blackwell, Founder of Justice Ministries and Alexandra Gadgett, Miss North Carolina pageant winner
Faith Connection , December 11, 2019 Guests, Alexandra Badgett, Miss North Carolina and Belinda Mazyck, President of The Big Super Ten Ministry
Faith Connection , December 4, 2019 Guests, Belinda Mazyck, President of The Big Super Ten Event and Fonda Bryant, Mental Health Specialist
Faith Connection , November 27, 2019 Guests, Fonda Bryant, mental health specialist, and Kemisha Williams Ebron, writer for comedy play, Temptation
Faith Connection , November 13, 2019 Guests, Troleta Banks, Center for Community Transition, and Pastor Brent La Prince, author, You Can't Bully Me Anymore
Faith Connection , November 6, 2019 Guests, Pastor Brent La Prince Edwards and Reggie Singleton
Faith Connection , October 30, 2019 Guests, Reggie Singleton, Director, The Males Place, and Calvin Brock, the Charlotte Boxing Academy
Faith Connection , October 23, 2019 Guests, Calvin Brock, Pastor Cannon, Pastor Melvin Leroy Tate, Church involvement in community for youth
Dr David Miller
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Founder of The Connect Center

Dr David Miller is the founder of, The Connect Center, which was specifically founded to provide valuable community training and support services for seniors and families.

The Connect Center support system is a true life line for those that we serve that find it difficult to connect with programs and services needed for everyday life. 

They are here to help you succeed!