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Talk Radio Show Program

Every Day is a New Day

Every Day is a New Day with Kim O'Neill
Show Host: 
Kim O'Neill

Every Day is a New Day with Kim O'Neill

Every day we get another opportunity to start over, try again and choose something different. You are amazing, and life’s challenges only serve to support you in knowing just how amazing you already are and prepare you for all the adventure that’s on its way to you! On “Every Day is a New Day with Kim O’Neill” the aim is to remind you of who you really are and the possibilities that exist right in front of you by sharing stories and tips on how other coaches, energy workers, entrepreneurs and all-around-awesome people have moved through and beyond their own life challenges and what they learned along the way. We will incorporate the secular with the spiritual. We are both. We are all. You are phenomenal! Always remember that. Be open. Take what you need, leave what you don’t and join us! I look forward to being on this journey with you. 

I’m here to support and guide passionate people who won’t settle for a life less than what they desire – even if it takes a million and one tries to get there.  I also believe you and I are more than our physical bodies.  I believe you are more than the part of yourself that you show to the world.  I believe you have talents and strengths worthy of sharing with the world, and I believe that you bring something unique and special to this place that others just don’t have – even others who may seem similar to you.  I believe that a life lived unexpressed, is akin to a life wasted.  You deserve to be heard. You and your message are wanted.  You most definitely are good enough … and you’re not alone.

Weekly Show
Station 2
7:00 pm PT
7:55 pm PT

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

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Featured Guests

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Guest, Calvin Witcher March 22, 2017
Guest, Kerri Hummingbird February 22, 2017

Talk Show Program Host

Kim O'Neill, Personal Empowerment & Interview Coach, BBSRadio Host Kim O'Neill CA USA Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Kim O'Neill Coaching, Kim O'Neill Coaching on Facebook, Kim O'Neill on LinkedIn, Kim O'Neill Coaching on Twitter, Kim O'Neill on YouTube Channel
Speaker, Trainer, Author, Radio Host, Certified Coach, Youth Mentor, Reiki Master Practitioner and former Crime Analyst

Kim O’Neill, ACC


Empowering you to be who you always knew you were.

Inspiration from the heart.

Kim O’Neill provides personal empowerment coaching and interview coaching for heart-centered professionals, regardless of industry. She supports her clients in bridging the gap between structure and flow by creating a safe, non-judgmental container for clients to make sense of the chaos in their head and entanglements of their heart. As a result, her clients develop a stronger, internal foundation that allows them to expand into a more confident, courageous version of themselves. Kim is certified as both an ICF and Law of Attraction Coach.

As an inspirational speaker, trainer, Amazon bestselling co-author, and internet radio host with heart, she aims to remind audiences the importance of knowing who they are; about the informational value of their emotions; and how to move forward when they don’t know how. Kim’s philanthropic work includes 1-on-1 youth mentoring and empowerment workshops.  In 2017, she co-authored "Positive Minded People: Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Adversity for Living a More Positive Life." Kim is also a Reiki Master Practitioner, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, former Crime Analyst and Host of the “Every Day is a New Day” show.

Prior to coaching, Kim’s professional background reflects her Jill-of-All-Trades nature: from Dental Assistant to Human Resources Coordinator, and Voiceover Artist to Crime Analyst (and several other jobs in between).  At heart, however, she knew she was a coach for over 20 years before coaching professionally. In 2013, Kim started Interview Coaching, helping jobseekers prepare for employment interviews. Eventually, Kim saw that the real work of interview prep required most clients to go deeper within themselves than surface-level job prep. This allowed for Kim to get to the core of what she does best.

Although Kim is naturally optimistic and positive, it was through multiple breakdowns in her own life that led her to rediscover and reclaim who she innately is. Overcoming negative self-talk; learning to hear and trust her own intuition; and embracing the fact that it’s her inner world that creates her outer world are some of the elements that led Kim to rebuild the foundation of her life from the inside out.

Kim has presented multiple workshops to at-risk youth in Southern CA on goal-setting; stress management; interview skills; and resume-writing. She has also coached adults 1-on-1 and in groups to experience more confidence, clarity and expanded belief in their own personal power and all the possibilities that exist for them. Inspiring, insightful, empowering, therapeutic and non-judgmental are just some of the words her clients and workshop participants have used to describe their experience with Kim.

To download Kim’s FREE guided meditation “Get Grounded & Regain Inner Peace,” go to http://www.kimoneill.ontrapages.com/FreeGuidedMeditation.

To learn more about Kim and her mission, visit https://www.kimoneillcoaching.com/about-kim/

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Featured Guests on BBS Radio Talk Show Programs

Featured, Guest, Paula Quinsee May 2, 2018

Broadcasting Date: 
Wednesday, May 02, 2018 07:00 pm

Guest, Paula Quinsee

Guest Name: 
Paula Quinsee
Paula Quinsee
Guest Occupation: 
Relationship Expert
Guest Biography: 

Paula Quinsee is a relationship expert, TEDx speaker and author of Embracing Conflict, a self-help guide filled with practical tools, insights and exercises for personal growth and development. Her book is endorsed by the likes of international EQ author Harvey Deutschendorf and emotional change catalyst and author, Bridget Edwards.

As a relationship expert, Paula teaches individuals and companies tools and skills to immediately and positively enhance the quality of their personal and organisational relationships. She conducts monthly workshops, is a keynote speaker at events and regularly appears in the media.

During her 16 year tenure in the corporate world working at organisations such as Standard Bank, Nedbank and KFC, Paula learned many lessons on relationships in the workplace (internal and external), people and team dynamics and leadership traits.

She later trained in Imago Relationship Therapy and NLP which enables her to view people and relationships in a different light resulting in more empathy, compassion and understanding for others by applying these principles in her life. She shares these tools and skills with all her clients.

As a speaker in the professional world, she covers topics such as leadership, mentorship, corporate culture, conflict management, relationships in the workplace, personal development and more. She also speaks on more personal topics such as personal relationships and family values, goals and more.

Some of her talks include:

  • Relationships are the currency of the future – are you making the right investments?
  • Tough Dialogues - are we really addressing the elephants in the room (tough dialogues around sensitive subjects such as racism, gender inequality, toxic teams, leadership inertia, bullying, entitlement etc.)
  • Climbing your own mountain to your own greatness - from her personal experiences climbing Kilimanjaro and hiking the Incah Trail
  • 3 Easy steps to achieving your dreams - running Comrades and cycling from Sun City to Cape Town.

Her credentials include:

  • Imago Relationship Therapy Educator (IRI 2011)
  • Imago Relationship Professional Facilitator (IRI 2012)
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Life Coach (Cutting Edge Institute 2013)
  • Completed Presenters Training with Hedy Schleifer. (2015)
  • Completed Deepening the Dialogue Training with Imago Africa. (2016)
  • Accredited ETDP/Seta Assessor and Moderator (Sor No 522765)
  • SABPP HR Associate (Membership no 49844376)
  • PDA Analyst and MyPDA Coach (2017)

She has presented at the FutureEd Expo, Imago Africa/FAMSA Dan Siegel Conference, SACAP Festival of Learning, University of PTA Neuroscience Seminar, SA Innovation Summit, ACFE Conference, SmallBiz Expo and TEDxPretoria. Paula also consults to ‘Married at First Sight SA’ TV show and hosts shows for Niche Radio and UK Health Radio.

Paula was a finalist in the Thriving Magazine ‘Tell Your Story’ and Margaret Hirsch Business Women Awards competitions 2017.

MORE INFO: https://paulaquinsee.com/

Headlined Show information for BBS Radio Talk Show Programs

Headlined, Every Day is a New Day, May 2, 2018

Every Day is a New Day with Kim O'Neill - Guest Paula Quinsee 5/2 @ 7PM PT
Broadcast Date: 
May 2, 2018

Every Day is a New Day Show

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 - 7PM PT / BBSRadio.com - Station 2

Paula Quinsee, Relationship Expert, is my next guest on Every Day is a New Day on BBSRadio.com. Learn more about Paula, her work as a consultant on South Africa's "Married at First Sight" #television show and more!

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