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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 15 May 2021

Bridging Wisdom with Cathy Cook

Bridging Wisdom with Cathy Cook
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Cathy Cook

Cathy Cook is a bloodline generational Shaman Medicine Woman from her fathers side known as Grandmother Wisdom. Shaman according to the History Channel means to ways and means of many practiced methods of meditation and going out there gaining information from "the Knowing".  One practice in which a shaman will then travel with someone by doing soul retrieval, which is where a person has had a trauma or left their body in a way and traveled not attaching themselves to their bodies umbilical cord.  I also am an avid artist of many mediums using my art as storyboards a old native American way to see into present, past, and future events.  Using different symbols and with art to make a  story for further insight. I do deep root personality readings. I am well rounded in the metaphysical realm with over 50 plus years experience being brought up first hand by my ancestors and teachers in the metaphysical world from both my family's sides. I am a published author and avid photographer as well. I have been teaching the old ways since I can remember, This is a journey I enjoy sharing and know you the active listening audience will gain great insight.


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Cathy Cook
Talk Show Host, Healer, Photographer, Artist

About: Cathy Hill, Cook

World renown intuitive consultant, Cathy Hill, Cook also known all over the universal world wide web as Brightlights Pathfinders impacts with her sought out sage. 

She touches each one uniquely. Her place within the gifted world is one of the most profound symbolic souls’ here on this earths timeline. 

As she evolves in perfection with all creatures great and small gifted and awakened since age one and a half, Cathy has learned to expose what ‘THE KNOWING’ Creators breath whispers so majestically for her words to share. Gifted through such profound stamina is this Universal Soul through such amazing abilities, this story will leave one star hazed and hungry for more. 

Her magnitude hones one right into hearing what her lessons, and or readings are meant in jest. Hearing Cathy’s voice is like having a balm of healing ointment upon ones wounded spirit. With such fine tuned feelings, her spirit is guided by God to voice what needs to be projected through many ways and means of communications.  

Brightlights Pathfinders is known for her teachings universal. "I am about freeing oneself, seeking understanding not answers, due to answers have more questions in which only Creator has all of the answers. Feeling the words from beyond, and am a prayer warrior. Allowing the client to guide their own Deep Root Readings with Shamanic techniques, Tassy listens within for 'The Knowing' of guided intuitive and instinctive instructions.Known all over the universal world wide web as: in Google search are my credentials and bio or yahoo concepts by typing in Brightlights Pathfinders then any word after that such as reading or readings ,amen, prayer, angels, prophet, etc. The feeling of openness wonderment in which each wish to share with all that "LISTEN" for the "I AM in themselves. 

Each guest are from their own fame as well belief systems in spiritualties by staying in the moment of what evolves.

Specialties: Generational Shamanism,Healings,Spiritual concepts as a teacher of the world wide web,soul retrieval,productions of , artist,photographer,mother, and Friend,Truth, TRUTH, Intuitive consultations, Spiritual Guide, Understanding Jesus Plans for others, Personality readings, Published author Bridging Wisdom "THE NEW MOVEMENT" 

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