Bizz Buzz with Barb Sayers

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3:03:53 PM (Thu) PDT


Talk Radio Show Program

Bizz Buzz

Bizz Buzz with Barb Sayers
Show Host: 
Barb Sayers

Bizz Buzz is a talk show, crafted to provide unique, powerful marketing techniques that can positively impact your businesses bottom line, in sales and customer acquisition. Some of the tools and methodologies you will discover should help you market more effectively, techniques like Neuro Linguistic Programming and advanced persuasion techniques, as well as copyright, funnel marketing, sales processes, follow up procedures required in developing high customer retention and satisfaction, and positive sales growth. Each business campaign must be tailored to suite a unique individual client or business demand, so knowing what to research and what to ask is important. We have those skills, and we hope we can be of service on this show, and answer some of your questions! Call-ins encouraged!

Barb Sayer is the Founder and CEO of Sister 2 Sister Enterprises, LLC.

Featured Guests

Guest, Vyoma Nupur June 9, 2016

Talk Show Program Host

Barbara "Barb" Sayers Barbara Sayers Denver CO US Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
NLP Marketing and Strategic Business Consultant

My professional life has been rich and varied. My career path has taken me from clerk at a 7-11 store when I was just 16; working in a plastics factory in El Cajon, CA making sprinkler heads; Letter Carrier for the USPS; Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics; Real Estate Agent; a receptionist and later secretary at Tripler Army Medical Hospital in Hawaii; Owner/operator of a flower shop; Secretary for various departments for the Dept of the Army and Dept of the Interior; to my current business as marketer, consultant, and strategist for mid to large businesses and established entrepreneurs.

Founder and CEO of Sister 2 Sister Enterprises, LLC. We provide unique, powerful marketing techniques that positively impact our client’s businesses in both acquisition of new clients and increased sales. Our methodologies are, but not limited to, Neuro Linguistic Programming and advanced persuasion techniques combined with excellent copywriting, webinar, video, and funnel marketing. Each campaign we create is unique to that individual client/business. We take the time to research each client and their business thoroughly so as to provide the best possible plan of action for them. Our sales processes, acquisition funnels, and follow-up procedures are second-to-none. Our clients see us as the top in our field because we position them at the top of theirs.

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"Our company, Bridgeport Strategy, has used the services of Sister 2 Sister.  I found Barbara Sayers copywriting to be stellar and very "thought out".  I would definitely encourage any perspective customer to seriously consider using Sister 2 Sister, in any area they serve."
Brad Climer

President - Bridgeport Strategy
Corporate and Business Coach


"Bizz Buzz is a show that provides a fantastic foundation for people who want to learn more effective marketing strategies. Marketing is the life blood of any organization and this shows aims to showcase people who are absorbed in creative tactics and building compelling marketing platforms for their business ventures and can impart a lot of practical and useful tips to audiences. It was an honor to be invited on the show as a guest and I look forward to checking out each and every episode of this show, in future".

Thanks much!

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