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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 22 April 2021

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Angel Answers Guest, Dr Brian Wilson October 22, 2018
Professor of American Comparative Religion

Brian C. Wilson, Ph.D

Brian C. Wilson, author of the new book, John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age, is a professor of American religious history in the Department of Comparative Religion at Western Michigan University (WMU). He holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

After writing an award-winning book on cereal inventor and the leading Seventh-day Adventist of his time, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, the Fetzer Institute invited Wilson to write a full-length spiritual biography of its founder, John E. Fetzer. The Kalamazoo-based Fetzer was a radio pioneer, media mogul, and long-time owner of the Detroit Tigers baseball team. But what most people didn’t know was that John E. Fetzer was quietly behind-the-scenes a significant figure in the consciousness movement and a spiritual seeker of the first order. For more than 60 years, he sought ways to open the doors of higher consciousness, spiritual empowerment, paranormal insights and energy medicine to humanity through spiritual study, science and the influence of the wealth at his disposal.

In John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age, Wilson not only explores the evolution of Fetzer’s beliefs, but how he put them into action by permanently endowing three funds that will foster research into the scientific/spiritual interface for years to come, and help cultivate a more peaceful, loving and inclusive world founded on the principle that we are all connected through one infinite force.


  • John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age by Brian C. Wilson, Ph.D.
  • Available at major book stores and online

John Fetzer and His Legacy

  • The Fetzer Memorial Trust


  • Be inspired as you learn about the interconnection between Science, Spirituality and John’s Fetzer’s journey

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A Fireside Chat Guest, Judy Carroll October 20, 2018
Author, Lifelong Contactee, Telepath, Galactic Messenger, Teacher

Judy Carroll was born in Queensland, AU, in 1952. Her family background is Creole, English, and Romany (Gypsy). She left school to become a professional Flamenco dancer, following in the footsteps of her grandmother, who was a dancer and clairvoyant medium in the Romany tradition. Judy feels that this background helped her to assimilate the encounters she's had with Grey ETs since early childhood. Sixty years of these ongoing and at times fully conscious encounters has given her a deep insight into this phenomenon that is happening to many thousands of people world-wide.

The ET Visitors advised her to meditate so as to facilitate easier telepathic communication, and to study Tai Chi and natural healing. In 2011, Judy attended a meeting on an ET ship that involved a discussion on the past and present situation on Earth, including the hijacking of the planet many millennia ago. In light of this, she wrote a book on the ET history of Earth, the hijacking of the planet by a rebel force and the subsequent manipulation of scriptural accounts of events that took place in the distant past.

She has written three books; Human by day, Zeta by Night, the Zeta Message, and her new book which is just out, The Extraterrestrial Message.

Dont Panic Its Organic Guest, Thomas Vanacore October 20, 2018
Founder of Rock Dust Local

In the late 1980's the founder of Rock Dust Local, Thomas Vanacore, was introduced to soil remineralization as a viable local alternative to conventional fertilizers and soil amendments with benefits extending to global concerns such as climate change. The idea is that by revitalizing the earth's green mantle acre by acre atmospheric carbon can be captured, reversing rising levels of atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions; Local action and global benefit. Being a mason and stone carver by trade Tom had extensive experience working with rocks and minerals and years of experience with mines and quarry operations. This and Tom's connection to the early revival of organic farming  in Vermont set things in motion. 

In 1991 Tom decided to try his hand at starting a small business sourcing and delivering local rock dusts to regional farms. This would be a first step to introduce remineralization to area growers.  But as Tom says "I couldn't give it away". But times have changed.  25 years later, after continual work with rock dusts in organic farming himself, and building up a network supply of regional sources, Tom and Joan, his wife and partner of over 15 years, decided to try again.  Rock Dust Local set up shop at a local Farmers Market in Vermont hawking 5 and 10 lb. bags of "Local Rocks for Local Crops".  "I literally had to stand out in front of the table and call people in, like an old fish monger." That's how it got restarted in 2010.  From there Rock Dust Local began delivering rock dust in bulk to regional growers interested in nutrient dense farming,  many of these growers learning from experienced farmers and educators like Dan Kittredge, Gary Zimmer and Eliot Coleman.  Building the website and store came about by people calling up for information and bags of rock dust. And the story has just begun.


Rock Dust Local was established as the first company in North America specializing in local and regional sourcing of rock dust for remineralization.  We are the largest distributor of regionally sourced rock dust and a growing presence in the field of agrominerals.  This is still a small business. We like to work directly with our customers.  Our mission remains the same; to revitalize the earth's green mantle one acre at a time. We support local agriculture by providing the BEST rock dusts, fixed carbon and biological companion materials through sustainable and responsible business practices with a dedication to affordability, quality and localization. We believe biologic management practices can provide a major solution to the growing problem of climatic instability by sustainably capturing carbon as well as reversing the decline in nutritional value and yields in commercial agriculture.  We believe family farms are the future strength of the land.

To quote William Albrecht "May rocks their silence break and speak nationally through a better knowledge of soil for food as the basis of national health and thereby a national strength for the prevention of war and for the simplest road to peace. Our future national strength must rest in our soils."- The Albrecht Papers, Vol.I

Embrace Your Sphere of Influence Guest, Tom Paladino October 17, 2018
Owner/Operator Remote Scalar Energy Healing

Was it Medicine or Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleansing That Healed the Infected U.S. Ebola Victims?

Can People Be Rid of Their Virus’, Bacteria, Fungi and Protozoans Via a Remote Process Using a Photograph?

Tom Paladino Picks Up Where Nikola Tesla and Galen Hieronymus Left Off Their Scalar Energy Research, Creating an Instrument that Can Disassemble 40,000+ Harmful Pathogens in the Body

Was it medicine or really Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleansing that healed the infected U.S. Ebola victims? While doctors and hospitals were celebrating in the nation’s headlines their eradication of Ebola in the U.S. patients, Paladino knew differently. He had been quietly disassembling the Ebola cells in their bodies, using his Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleansing instruments.

And why is he convinced that his protocol was the cure? Because thousands of others since 2012 have been reporting remarkable recoveries for everything from Lyme Disease, HIV symptoms, hepatitis, herpes, MRSA, Epstein -Barr, psoriasis, chronic sinusitis and parasites, among others. And a variety of his medically-diagnosed clients have the proof —Viral Load Tests showing the elimination of the pathogen after exposure to the Scalar Energy Healing Sessions.

Paladino’s life’s work has been the pursuit of a device to concentrate and direct Scalar Energy, work that was initiated by scientists Nikola Tesla and Galen Hieronymous. Scalar Energy is often called prana, chi, zero point energy, qi or orgone —an unseen and unmeasurable quantum energy in the body and throughout the physical world. It was when Hieronymus’ widow Sara revealed to Paladino private notes from the world - renowned scientist and allowed him to seethe inner workings of their initial instruments that the foundation was laid for the Paladino’s acclaimed new system that was first brought online in 2012.

Paladino’s Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleansing, which took nearly 20 years to perfect, requires only a photo of an individual —a focal point — to work it’s extraordinary treatment process, whereby Paladino administers the scalar energy reverse - phase angle harmonic of a pathogen, causing that agent of infection to disassemble or fall apart. There are no side effects when these bacterial, fungal, viral and protozoan cells disassemble as they simply transmute into elemental carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, iron, phosphorous, calcium, etc. Once the causative agent has been eradicated, the symptoms disappear...and that’s precisely what his clients have been raving about.

Individuals register on in a simple process that can be for one or recurring months, and email their photo. Plus they receive free 15 treatments!  They are then notified each day by email when the protocol has been completed. People who may be suffering from some type of bacterial, fungal, viral and protozoan infection or condition are encouraged to participate in his Body of Proof Study. He encourages them to secure a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test –a viral load test — before and after they register for treatment, and provide those findings, so they can be counted among the scientifically-proven Scalar Energy success stories.

Paladino’s mission is no less than to heal the world — to eliminate pathogens in everyone’s bodies globally. And he believes it can be done! He has passionately pursued his quest to harness Scalar Energy since he was a child first reading about Tesla and today, through his diligent study, development, research trial and error, he has the revolutionary breakthrough that does, in fact, control and direct the remarkable quantum energetic force of Scalar Energy.

Cameron Live Guest, Tania Fiolleau October 19, 2018
Licensed Dually and Globally Ordained Master Reverend, Former National TV Talk Show Host, Radio DJ, Author, Public Speaker

Licensed Dually & Globally Ordained Master Reverend in good standing since 2013. Former National TV Talk Show Host, Radio DJ, Author and Public Speaker. 
Tania, The Rebel Reverend, takes a position of simplicity with accuracy without compromise. The “in your face" Modern day Paul takes up her cross daily to spread the gospel and as Jesus told the crowds “I did not come to bring peace but rather a sword”. Her motto is simple, spiritual accountability Matthew 12:36 “Every careless word shall be accountable to God” and her slogan as crucify hypocrisy Matthew 7:5 “Remove the plank in your own eye before you judge me”.
Our spiritual overtone towards Jesus has at best regressed. Mankind has contributed this edifying religious propaganda with a blazing accuracy of global spiritual ignorance. And in the miscarriage of religious lies and deceit, we run from one spiritual emotional fix to next through watered down “feel good” sermons from every global religious pulpit. Tania wants nothing less than her brothers and sisters around the globe to be taught His truth rather than the world’s truth.
With Jesus being the only one to walk sinless, her slogan of humility is "I don't always practice what I preach". In keeping it real leaving the "holier than thou" attitude for the pious of self righteousness, Tania sets out to proclaim the good news rather than offer watered down sermons that entertain rather than teach. Simply put, she is meet people where they're at and where Christ wants them to be in hopes that they will not be carelessly lead away from false doctrine. With many souls hanging in the balance, Tania’s places her spiritual accountability on a much to a much higher podium as to not lead the Lord’s children astray.
The One Percent Insurgent
(The “Sold Out” Solder for Christ)
”Fighting the Good Fight against Legalization in our Churches”
For most young girls in the 1970’s, having an easy bake oven or daydreaming about having her own family was on every little girls Christmas wish list. But not for eleven year old Tania as her only wish was to be unconditionally loved, rather she was born into a family of addiction, abuse and neglect. And despite her harsh family dysfunctions, she persevered.
From a young age, Tania did not have the luxury of being a kid, as her life was abundantly surrounded with greed, lust and an inescapable appetite of pain and suffering.  And while she was remarkably resilient, she would later overcome and shine upon heaven’s door steps.  Hand chosen by heaven as a modern day Paul, her signature would be paramount in proclaiming and glorifying Jesus Christ.
With no real sense of belonging, she would suffer many horrors that nobody should have to.  And despite all that she would endure, she did not sway from her divinical calling in fighting the good fight. With an extensive history of abuse stemming from her father at a young age, being repeatedly beaten up and bullied in various schools and foster care homes, multiple suicide attempts, sustained domestic abuses, Tania found it hard to be socially accepted, thus fighting became her norm. A new plate form of survival for security would form through martial arts training.
A few years had passed where Tania’s world would be monumental in paving her future.  Mustering up the strength to leave her abusive husband nor any monetary resources for legal fees in exhausting custody hearings, she answered a luring business ad which would charm her into an industry that was mysterious as much as it was enticing.  A world of borderless intimacies but a lifetime of pain and regret would guide her deep into the rabbit hole of spiritual debt.  Money and a collage of materialistic possessions would eventually grant her a place with society’s financial and privileged elite as she rung her way up the ladder to what the world deems as success.
Now having achieved worldly success, Tania would remarry to a Russian international crime syndicate.  And although this marriage did provide some sense of security where she now felt safe against her first husband, it was dysfunctional at best as she was encouraged and allowed to continue in the adult industry.  A choice needed to be made as the spiritual accountability haunted her, thus she chose her heavenly Father over her lucrative business that provided expensive worldly possessions that had buried her into a deeper destructive lifestyle down the path of despair. Tania was quoted, “On the outside, I appeared to have it all but on the inside I had nothing. I was the walking dead.  I had no heart left.” Still the small voice in her fuelled her too take up her cross and banking on Jesus’ promises of rest, deliverance and restoration.  Fishers of men became her motto as she ventured out to disciple, meeting people where they were and where Christ wanted them to be.
Mathew 28:19-20 "Go therefor and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age."