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Awakening: The Hundredth Monkey Effect with Special Guest Steve Spooner

Show Broadcast Date: (Monday) June 23rd, 2014
Time: 8pm PST/ 11pm EST

Join Joel Ayala Ayapana, Host of Quantum Mindfulness Radio, for another intriguing and fun-filled ride as he guides you in exploration to the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon, which will be the topic of main focus for next week's show, on (Monday) June 23rd, 2014. The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon refers to a sudden spontaneous and mysterious leap of consciousness, achieved when "critical mass" is reached.

The idea of the Hundredth Monkey or the so-called Law of Critical Mass (According to Quantum Theory) is a phenomenon which comes from the research of Dr. Lyall Watson from his 1979 book: Lifetide. His book speaks in reference to several studies done on Japanese Macaques in the 1960's by several primatologists. Watson allegedly purports that the scientists were reluctant to publish the whole story for fear of ridicule.

Now... this is how the story goes (according to Watson):

In the autumn of that ground-breaking year when the realization of the Hundredth Monkey was discovered, an unspecified number of monkeys on Koshima were observed washing sweet potatoes along the shores of the sea (as a result from the excessive amounts of unappealing sand and dirt that can often collect upon the surface of these potatoes fed to the Macaques)... when something extraordinary was witnessed before the very eyes of many of these researchers. The story begins when one monkey was observed performing this act or behavior with the mere intentions of increasing the appeal and taste of this growing monkey delicacy... and then another... then another Macaque was observed portraying this same trait. They intriguingly found that when, somewhere around after the hundredth monkey or Macaque was observed washing, in parallel, these sweetened potatoes for which this population of primates were increasing in affinity to its liking, groups of other Macaques from other islands and even to the many groups found within the mainland of Japan were observed washing these sweet potatoes in tandem. And as I may emphasis even further, the islands from where these specified groups of primates predominately thrived, are several hundreds of miles apart. This learned trait seemingly could have never been communicated, in the physical form of things, between these groups.

My special guest with whom I will be conversing with, concerning this subject matter for this night's show, will be Steve Spooner, a wonderful and inspiring dear friend, healer, awakener, dear Worker of the Light, Shaman, and one (from among) the many hand chosen "Sharing" coordinators of the Drunvalo Melchizidek's School of Remembering...

In the School of Remembering, Steve teaches the mystery school elements of Sacred Geometry, the Flower of Life, the Merkaba and the Sacred Space of the Heart. He embraces the essence of connecting with Mother Earth, Father Sky, and all our Relationships with Humanity (but within his case... with humor... and with LOVE) in "Remembering" who we really are and what we are truly (capable) of completing within this life.

I met Steve when I was personally called (by Spirit) and by the Calling Frequencies and Energies of the 1111... to travel and to travail the distance out to Sedona, Arizona... (back in 2011) for the highly anticipated 11/11/11 Gaia & Tribe Conference... where many Motivational speakers... healers... and Spiritualists from all over the globe... had come to gather (in retreat).

This night's show will also conclude with one of the most revitalizing and upcoming artists and musicians within the high-octane and entertaining world of Dubstep...  with his inspirational track and single: CREATION by Agent 11

Ohio native "Agent 11" has been bringing dancefloors to their knees for years. He has formal training in classical and jazz, deep roots in rock and heavy metal, and strong influences from various Eastern styles. He brings all of these musical forms together in order to create a sound that will allow you to transcend normal consciousness.

Agent 11 has opened for the likes of DJ Swamp, Lynx, Gein, Danny the Wildchild, Nigel Richards, and many other national and international artists. He also recorded with DJ Swamp for the debut Agent 11 album, "Cherry Popper", released on his own label, WorkHouse Records, which represents artists from around the world in many different genres.

Guest: Steve Spooner

Concluding Musical Track Provided By:

Artist: Agent 11

Single: Creation


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