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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 22 April 2021

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Shadow Politics Guest, Rock Newman November 14, 2021
Prodigal son of the DMV

Rock Newman is a beloved prodigal son of the D-M-V. He could also be described as an advocate for athletes, celebrities and the person on the street. Whatever words are used, Rock Newman is never described as anything less than engaging, sincere, energetic and caring. After a journey that has included stops in Las Vegas and Bermuda, Rock returns to the area he loves the most. “I enjoyed my time in Las Vegas and Bermuda, but they never became home. Ahhh... It's great to be back!”

Rock Newman returns to the Washington, DC region with vast experiences and relationships to revisit his roots in radio. The year 2013 saw Newman add a new media recipe to his broadcasts, which included streaming video and worldwide online discussion. Keeping with his sub-theme of innovation, THE ROCK NEWMAN SHOW is archived online, so that his followers can continue the discussion in a seamless basis. The show activates traditional and new media to create a non-stop dialogue.
“I have visited with Pope John Paul II, President Bill Clinton and President Nelson Mandela, met dictators and monarchs, dined with moguls and movie stars, but my greatest joy is family, friends and being amongst the people.”
Rock is a Renaissance Man. From caring for famine victims in Somalia, to buying back 3,000 guns to confronting violence in DC, or representing world class athletes, he is hands-on. He is a storyteller. He will entertain and inform. He will also make you reconsider notions of culture and society. He also brings the ability to cross-pollinate the discussion from unique angles. The RNS delivers big name guests, experts and common folks who care about modern day, real life issues.
Rock asks, “What Do You Care About?” THE ROCK NEWMAN SHOW was created to capture an authentic dialogue that is rarely heard. It will be an unscripted, jazz concert that swings from breaking news to undiscovered history, from local and national politics to the nuance of race and religion, from adult relationships to children’s voices about their world, race relations and unvarnished racism.
Life Changes Show Guest, Big Sky City Lights October 25, 2021
Indie-folk duo


Big Sky City Lights is an indie-folk duo made up of Susan O’Dea and Nick Spear, whose dreamy-harmony-infused Americana sound is at once vintage yet current. Their self-released debut album, “Wake Me When We Get There”, landed them a feature on Good Morning America and coveted spots at various festivals, including Sisters Folk Festival, and Under The Big Sky Festival on the bill with Jason Isbell, Tyler Childers, Orville Peck, Emmylou Harris, and others.

“With a shared passion, Big Sky City Lights are emblematic of the state of Montana.” – Good Morning America

Life Changes Show Guest, Alison Goldwyn November 08, 2021
Edutainment producer and climate alchemist


Alison is an edutainment producer & climate alchemist, engaging Media & the Creative Arts to help change the worldwide Emotional Climate – a root of the Climate Change Crisis and nearly all our global ills. Alison believes that the gaping hole in our global whole is due, in part, to a disconnect from Soul … and that Civilization’s healthy maturation hinges on rekindling this timeless connection.

During 2020 lockdown she co-produced and presented for the 4 day Source of Wonder online event featuring 80 Presenters & Artists from diverse global sectors on behalf of uplifting a worldwide community with TLC (Tender Loving Care).

Alison is in her 34th year of party planning Synchronistory®; an unprecedented, interstellar, music-propelled “B’earthday Party” for the Planet celebrating every living being—broadcast live worldwide! As the global family is upended with escalating crises and a worldwide Aerospace Industry ventures into Outer Space Exploration, it feels like a birth on earth, the “b’earth contractions” of which are intensifying and accelerating. It’s incumbent upon our survival to shift perceptions about the world around us – and within us. Sync’s dazzling companion ride through Inner Space Exploration opens our eyes; helping a world of 8 billion earthly stars get Spaced Out & Tuned In with a musically thrilling Cosmic show that vivifies As Above So Below.

Additionally, Alison is Founder & Creative Director of a unique global brand which tangibly illuminates our forgotten love story between Nature & Human Nature with conscious jewels for a precious world: J’aimestones® fine art jewellery. She is affiliated with Al Gore / The Climate Reality Project, two time Nobel Nominee Ervin Laszlo / The Club of Budapest & Laszlo Institute for New Paradigm Research, John Bunzl’s global governance platform Simpol (The Simultaneous Policy) … and the Cosmos.

Life Changes Show Guest, Jarvis Smith November 08, 2021
Thought leader, entrepreneur, speaker, signed recording artist, mystic, hippie, tree hugger, eco warrior


In Jarvis Smith two worlds collide with dynamic effect. On one hand a proud hippie, mystic, self-confessed tree-hugger and radical eco-warrior, Jarvis is also a thought leader, entrepreneur, speaker, signed recording artist and renowned online retail businessman.

His work gracing global publications, he now partners with and is advising brands including Natwest, HSBC, Deloitte, Citrix, the Parliament Trust, Octopus Energy, Yeo Valley and Weleda.

It was in the middle of 14 years’ Shamanic training that Jarvis’ true awakening happened, during the filming of 2007 Channel 4 reality TV show ‘Dumped’. Shot on location on a Croydon landfill, the experience opened Jarvis’ eyes to the vast devastation human lifestyle waste was having on the planet. It was a realization that was to lead to a lifetime’s work protecting the Earth.

His first magazine GREEN was published with National Geographic from 2008, which then moved to The Guardian in 2010, evolving into the My Green Pod magazine from 2013. Co-produced with wife Katie Hill, it is now the world’s biggest ethical lifestyle magazine. Jarvis launched the P.E.A. (People Environment Achievement) Awards which, in its 11th year, is the UK’s leading sustainability awards and honours individuals and teams for their contribution towards sustainability.

Spring of 2021 sees Katie and Jarvis collaborate with Jo Wood for the My Green Podcast, interviewing celebrities like Fearne Cotton about their ethical endeavours. Providing shoppers with a healthy, affordable retail space that is good for them, their children, their families and ultimately, the planet, Jarvis and Katie’s online eco-conscious store leads the field in ethical shopping. In October 2021, Jarvis’s TEDX Glasgow talk, 

Possibility Consciousness – where do we start with runaway Climate, encouraged people to stop and re-evaluate their consumer lifestyles and the negative knock-on effect on the planet. In the next decade Jarvis’ intent is to provide an ethical alternative to Amazon, with real purpose and proper values. As his message and impact spreads, so the My Green Pod project continues to grow in strength, reputation and effect.

Life Changes Show Guest, Philip Vaiman of The Red Quartet November 01, 2021
Latin-jazz-classical ensemble


Latin-jazz-classical ensemble The Red Quartet’s first album is an evocative blend of European and South American traditions and sounds performed by four virtuosos who play here as one. 

Featuring the rich soprano voice of Marissa Steingold, the fiery guitar of Kenton Youngstrom, Philip Vaiman’s elegant and vibrant violin, and Maksim Velichkin’s deeply sonorous cello, The Red Quartet presents a departure from the usual string quartet lineup (first violin, second violin, viola, cello). 

Each Red Quartet member is a virtuoso in chamber, symphonic, and jazz, with vastly different musical influences, education, and experience. Yet as seasoned professionals they blend their exceptional musicianship and experiences create a fluid, sensuous, passionate ensemble sound. 

“Red to us is associated with life, vibrancy, and excitement,” said Vaiman, who founded and leads the Quartet. 

Known for its eclectic repertoire in live performances, The Red Quartet debuts on record with reimagined adaptations of jazz favorites “Three Preludes” by George Gershwin; J.S. Bach’s timeless “Trio Sonata”; the Brazilian art song “Aria” from “Bachianas Brasilieras” by Villa-Lobos; and three playfully sensuous selections from Jobim and Gilberto’s bossa nova standards.   

Vaiman produced the sessions for “The Red Quartet” at Watersound Studios in Sherman Oaks, California, working with recording engineers Carlos Castro and Marco Gamboa. Gavin Salmon provided additional percussion on the bossa nova tracks. The production’s bright, warm intimacy puts the listener right in the studio with the musicians. Mastered by Alan Yoshida, the album is being released on the independent Talia Records label. 

The Red Quartet’s members are all first-call session players in Los Angeles recording and film studios and have appeared at prestigious venues worldwide. They have recorded for and performed with artists including Sting, Dave Matthews, Aretha Franklin, Tony Bennett, Taylor Swift, Goo-Goo Dolls, Rod Stewart, Shakira, Pearl Jam, Guns N’ Roses, Andrea Bocelli, Placido Domingo, Stevie Wonder, Josh Groban, John Legend, and KISS. 

The group has performed in Southern California for several years at venues including the Clark Library and the Bruman Chamber Music Festival at UCLA, the Summer Sounds Classical and Jazz Series in West Hollywood, and the Colburn School’s Zipper Hall.

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