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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 22 April 2021

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The Sports Doctor Guest, Johann Ilgenfritz July 26, 2023
CEO & Founder UK Health Radio Network

Johann Ilgenfritz attained his Master in Photography in Germany, working successfully as a Fashion Photographer for almost 20 years in Hamburg and London. His life changed drastically in 2011 when he had a heart attack and six month later was diagnosed with cancer. After unsuccessful radioTherapy he was left to find other survival options which he did. During his search for a cure he turned to the internet, soon realizing that there was no one central point where you could turn or get heath information, regardless of what your health issue are. He decided on creating just such a platform and six weeks later, launched the beta version of UK Health Radio, still fighting cancer at the time. Through Nutritional and Lifestyle changes he finally beat cancer and since then has been named “The Curator of Health Expertise” by the press. His mantra is “Good health is a choice”! He went from believing that cancer was the cause of his illness to realising that cancer was only a symptom of an already sick body. He knew if he could change the cause he would change the effect. Through his vision, UK Health Radio ( has attained a very clear purpose, this is to inform and animate people to take responsibility for their own health. This does not mean taking your health into your own hands, but to be part of the process of attaining and/or keeping your health freedom. It is all about being informed, being empowered and being healthy! UK Health Radio has the most in-depth information on the widest range of health and wellness topics - available anywhere today. All aspects of health and wellness, fitness, diet and nutrition, illness prevention and environment issues, but with the main focus on prevention rather than cure. UK Health Radio presents it's information through 28 presenters, doing 29 shows that air 24/7, with 350 000 and growing, very dedicated listeners. There is a Listen on Demand section, the enormously popular digital monthly health & wellness magazine called Health Triangle Magazine. The latest edition to the UK Health Radio website is called Wiki Health which is exactly what the name says it is, a wikipedia for health.

Johann won the 'Inspiration - Holistic Therapist Business Awards' 2017 and 2019 he won the 'The Best You Awards' - in the category Best Up-And-Coming Inspirational Influencer.


Shadow Politics Guest, Joe Trippi July 23, 2023
Democratic Strategist

Heralded on the cover of The New Republic as the man who “reinvented campaigning,” Joe Trippi pioneered bringing politics into the digital age and brings an added digital component to The Lincoln Project arsenal. Joe joined the Lincoln Project because “we have to stop seeing this as Democrat vs. Republican. Right vs. left. This has to be all of us coming together in a pro-democracy coalition to defeat an authoritarian movement that is using every means to seize power.”

For decades Trippi and the Lincoln Project co-founders worked against each other in partisan fights. He has worked for Democrats at every level for more than four decades – from Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale and managing Howard Dean’s groundbreaking presidential campaign in 2004. Joe has been a media and campaign strategist for dozens of Senate and Gubernatorial campaigns including Jerry Brown’s 2010 comeback campaign for Governor of California and Doug Jones’ historic Senate victory in Alabama, where Jones became the first Democratic US Senator in Alabama in 25 years.

Trippi has served as an on-air political analyst for MSNBC/NBC, CBS Evening News, FOX News and CNN. His weekly podcast is “That Trippi Show.”

Lets Talk Corelicious Leave Room For Dessert Podcast Guest, Christopher C Herring July 26, 2023
Christopher C. Herring is the Executive Director of Global Chamber Houston and San Antonio and serves as a leader for the Global Chamber Texas Steering Group. He was recognized by the US JAYCEES with a lifetime achievement award as one of Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA) for his positive impacts to America. He joined an elite group of a little over 600 Americans since 1939 to include former Presidents Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford and John F. Kennedy, corporate tycoons Ross Perot, Henry Heinz and Nelson Rockefeller, and San Antonio native former US Secretary Henry Cisneros.

A sought after speaker & business consultant, Christopher is a premier national leader in business development, economic & workforce development, diversity and inclusion and entrepreneurship. As a retired US Air Force Officer, he brings complex problems to creative solutions from experiences serving as an executive in the for-profit, non-profit, academia and government sectors of America's economy.

Today Christopher C. Herring is President and CEO of River Walk Publishing, LLC, Past Chairman of the Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce (TAAACC) and Past President/CEO of the Alamo City Chamber of Commerce. He is a certified Workforce Diversity Trainer through the Society of Human Resource Management. He is an Honorary Board of Director of Global Ties Iowa as Chris helped shape the organization's recruitment campaign of diverse candidates to serve in the Heartland of America. 

As the past Chairman of TAAACC, he advocated for over 250,000 businesses and 23 chambers of commerce in the nation's second largest economy with the goal to increase revenues and sales. Between 2011 and 2019, Christopher served three mayors as the Mayor of San Antonio's appointee to the Small Business Advocacy Committee (SBAC) overseeing and Chairing the Small Business Economic Development Advocacy (SBEDA) Program subcontracting goals. He was elected as the Chairman of the SBAC's 5-Yr Contracting Diversity Plan Accountability Subcommittee which is a law of the city of San Antonio.

Chris' story was captured by StoryCorps and their recorded conversation was entered into the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress and in a special collection at National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, DC in 2016.


A Night At The Roundtable Guest, Janet Doerr July 20, 2023
Medical Intuitive, Master Energy Healer

Janet Doerr is a Medical Intuitive, Ascension Guide, and Master Energy Healer.

She uses her multi-dimensional gifts to uncover and then clear the root cause of her client's health issues.

Janet works with people in an empowering way to identify the underlying energies, which can include suppressed emotion and limiting beliefs, ancestral energies, traumatic experiences, oaths and vows, and attached entities.

People who work with Janet report rapid shifts in health conditions, regaining a peaceful state, improvements in relationships, and feeling empowered.

Janet offers training to support people during their ascension.

Go here for your free gift from Janet, “Five Steps to Transform Your Energy, Transform Your Health!”:

To book a session with Janet, or to find out about her work, go to

Words Women and Wisdom Show Guest, Jessica Koch July 18, 2023

Guest Jessica Koch - is an International Speaker, Sales Consultant, Podcaster and Founder for a VA "Done for You" Membership service - as we talk about Sales, Stages, Service and Spirituality and what has changed over the past 7 years with LinkedIn. JOIN US, LISTEN ON BBS RADIO LIVE tomorrow.

Jessica Koch – CEO and Founder of Jessica Koch Consulting Intl. has been a National Sales Professional for more than 25 years. She spent 10 years working with a consulting company, expanding that firm’s client base to include: National Government Accounts, Fortune 500 clients, National Power Utilities, Hospitals and Universities/Colleges. She secured a National Government Contract that was applicable to 1000’s of government entities without having to go out for an additional bid!

Jessica has been invited as a guest speaker for various organizations around the country such as: The American Association of School Administrators; the Maryland Association of Community Colleges, and the National Rural Electric Cooperative’s Annual Finance conference.
Prior to working with the Consulting Company, she worked with a Marketing Firm where she interviewed, hired and trained a sales team for Fortune 1000 business-to-business promotions; including campaigns for Washington Gas Energy Services, Verizon, and Disney.

Listen for wisdom nuggets! From abuse to alignment and serving...
More about Jessica and her work here: About Me - Jessica Koch Consulting (

Connect with Jessica on LinkedIn here:

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