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Guest Name
Rich Dubin
Rich Dubin
Guest Occupation
CEO and Publisher of LER Magazine
Guest Biography

Richard Dubin has started four successful magazines for the medical, consumer health and technology marketplaces. He was the previous publisher of BioMechanics and has been involved in every aspect of the medical publishing industry for 30 years. He started with Current Podiatry in 1991, moved to Podiatry Today in 1992 and created BioMechanics in 1994 to deliver a multi-disciplinary audience. In 2009, he created the start-up publication Lower Extremity Review as well as the interactive and book publishing divisions.

Specialties: Creating cost effective and comprehensive marketing, advertising and public relations solutions for companies wishing to accelerate growth within the healthcare marketplace.
He is very excited about newly launched MVP Parent Magazine- dealing with the big challenges of the world of Youth Sports!