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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 22 April 2021

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The Sports Doctor Guest, Oxana Lovich December 01, 2021
Certified life coach, hypnotherapist, energy healer, and reiki practitioner

Oxana Lovich is an experienced certified life coach, hypnotherapist, energy healer, and reiki practitioner. Her interest in self-development arose at an early age, due to tragic events that were life-changing for her. Her experiences gave rise to a burning desire to find the inner peace, which was missing in her life.

Ms. Lovich has certificates from The University of California, Berkeley, Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy, The Silva Method Academy, Mind Valley Academy, Sussex Hypnotherapy Centre, and Academy of Ancient Magick. Lovich is further releasing a book, AbunDance - The Fulfilled Path to Success.

Lovich found her life’s purpose, to share her knowledge of mindfulness on a grand scale and aiding people in their transformation from their current selves into an empowered, more mindful version of themselves. Through her work, she has been able to successfully guide her clients during their process by incorporating powerful techniques into their lives, which aided them in leading a more joyful,  peaceful, and conscious life.

Lovich believes people have the ability to discover their life’s true purpose, by warding off negative thinking, discovering and overcoming any limiting beliefs, manifesting abundance and prosperity, and loving themselves unconditionally first.

The Sports Doctor Guest, Mary D Rachford December 01, 2021
Physical Therapist & Co-Owner of Naperville’s FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center

Prior to establishing Naperville Physical Therapy, Mary managed a hospital-affiliated rehabilitation clinic in Elmhurst, where she was raised. Since graduating in 1988, she has concentrated her practice in orthopedic and sports rehabilitation with a special interest in fibromyalgia/chronic pain and sports injuries. Mary participated in volleyball as a collegiate athlete and as a high school and grade school coach. She is a certified specialist in ASTYM, a highly effective treatment for chronic tendonitis. Mary is the proud mother of Sean, Colin and Kathryn.

“The physical therapy profession has gone through many changes in the 25 plus years that I have been an active member of it. I am truly grateful every day that I own FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers – Naperville, not only for the phenomenal staff that have chosen to work for my husband Gary and me, but for the amazing patients that continue to surprise and lift up our practice in more ways than I can mention."

For the past 20 years, we have been on the leading edge of the latest technologies at FYZICAL (formerly Naperville Physical Therapy).

  • In 1994, we were one of the first privately owned clinics in Naperville. Today, we are now the longest lasting clinic in Naperville.
  • In 1996, we became the first clinic in the area to offer lymphedema treatments.
  • In 2001, we were the first clinic in the Western suburbs to be certified in the ASTYM process, the first tool assisted technology that no one else was providing at the time.
  • In 2003, we became one of the first therapy clinics in Naperville to offer custom foot orthotics.
  • In 2010, we had one of the first trained dry needling therapists in the state.
  • In 2011, we had one of the first Schroth trained therapists in the state.
  • In 2013, we became the first therapy clinic to offer the nutraMetrix supplement line to patients.
  • In 2014, we became the first FYZICAL clinic in Illinois.

All of these additions were based on thorough research, significant training and sometimes a gut feeling. At FYZICAL we have established a highly experienced staff in a state-of-the-art clinic that truly cares for the entire patient not just a broken body part.

The Sports Doctor Guest, Matthew Morales November 17, 2021
Author “Never be Poor Again”, a spiritual guide & approach to money

Give me one hour on your stage and I’ll completely shift your mindset around money and business in a way you have never imagined. My name is Matthew Morales. As a successful business consultant, author and an expert public speaker, I have dedicated the past ten years of my life to designing and teaching my own personal unique business and finance strategies based on philosophical and universal principles that can help every industry. I have given speeches at conferences across the country on topics such as "Selling Through Empathy" and "Building Your Personal Brand".



My goal is to help you identify and patch up any holes found in your business including business/marketing plans, standard operating procedures, sales techniques, and investment strategies.

For many, owning a business is the dream. The idea of starting something out of nothing and pursuing one’s personal passion is truly inspiring. However, for many the dream begins to diminish as road blocks reveal themselves. As a dreamer myself, I do not wish to see this happening to you!


Hire me to speak in front of your team or at live events, as a consultant for your business, or take one of my simple courses and know that you are well on your way to transforming the way your mind and business operate.

My ability to breakdown and explain the most complex topics in a simple manner combined with my proven formula, will leave you feeling unstoppable on your quest to financial success.

The Sports Doctor Guest, Dr. Bruce Williams November 17, 2021
Podiatric Physician, Author, Researcher, Biomechanics, & Gait analysis

Dr. Bruce Williams is a Podiatry Specialist in Merrillville, Indiana. He graduated with honors in 1991. Having more than 30 years of diverse experiences, especially in PODIATRY, Dr. Bruce Williams affiliates with no hospital, cooperates with many other doctors and specialists in medical group Weil Foot And Ankle Institute LLC.

The Sports Doctor Guest, Donna Fatigato November 10, 2021
C.P.T., Holistic Nutrition Coach

Donna Fatigato has been in the fitness industry for 36 years; ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutrition Coach, NETA Group Fitness Instructor, Specialty Training in Yoga, Pilates, Kickbox and Cycle, Wellness Planning and Nutrition.  Donna is also a Director at USANA Health Sciences, Inc.  

A seasoned wellness professional of 36 years with an extensive history of coaching, teaching and implementation of corporate wellness programs.

Certified as an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutrition Coach, Group Fitness Instructor with specialties in Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing and Spin.

A professional member and spokesperson for the National Fitness Hall of Fame.

Food prep and monthly healthy cooking classes offered since 2013.

Best Selling Author of 'Q2 ~ A Healthy Recipe for a Balanced Life'

Best Selling Author of 'Rise Above: 8 Portraits of Life Transformation'

YOUnique LIFElong FITness will come to you - your house, business or school.  If you would like personal training, fitness and cooking classes, nutritional/wellness seminars or workshops outside of your home - several studio locations are available to YOUnique, including Bloomingdale, Carol Stream and Winfield, Illinois.

The YOUnique staff is compiled of wellness-minded and professional trainers with YOUR best interest in mind.  We pride ourselves on helping people to reach their goals by positive steps toward permanent changes with realistic expectations.  

Contact for more information. 

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