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Ep. #367: George Floyd is ALIVE?
Guest: Famous Psychic Medium, Utsava-ACCURATE

Utsava covers; George Floyd Is Alive?, We have 2 GODS, Riots, Trump, Election, Economy, AG Barr, George Floyd, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Aliens, Angels, Obama, Contact Tracing, Reset, Karma, and much more!!

“The good aliens are in control, God Almighty is in control, people stop believing the charade by the 3D fake reality presented by the reptilians, Fake News, it is all under control”.

Famous Psychic Medium Utsava, is internationally known for her insanely accurate predictions and prophecies about Pres. Trump, OBAMA, DEEP STATE, satanic cults, cryptocurrency, and political events. Utsava has a dedicated social media following and holds a Masters in Psychology, and diplomas in Nursing, Herbal Therapy, Nutrition, the Healing Arts.

  1. Organized Riots

  2. How long will they last?

  3. George Floyd.

  4. Derek Chauvin

  5.  Was the Coroner assigned to him was also the same coroner assigned to Jeffrey EPSTEIN?

  6. What is Trump's role in all this?

  7. AG BARR

  8. BLM & Antifa

  9. Why did Trump hold the Bible upside down and backward?

  10. Are we going to go into CIVIL WAR?

  11. We will be still in a state of Emergency by November?

  12. Could this cancel the ELECTIONS and automatically give Trump 4-more years in office without an ELECTION?

  13. Buckingham Palace / House of Windsor removed the Crest. Who is  KING JOHN III?

  14. We have 2 GODS



    16. Obama

    17. Contact Tracing

    18. Financial Reset

    19. Karma
    And much more!!