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Ep. #366 Q-Corner, Gorge Soros IS Funding the Riots!
Guest, Sean Morgan, Expert on all things Qanon.
 Independent Journalist & Author of Qanon For Beginners 
Co-Author of Patreon Riches.

Topic: Real Story Behind The Riots

  1. Are the riots a result of CV-19 not having the expected results?

  2. What happened to social distancing rules?

  3. But business can't open how that possible?

  4. Out of nowhere this George Floyd becomes news of the decade and turns America on fire.

  5. Where are the funds coming from?

  6. YT paid protester opens up and tells Soros is paying them.

  7. Why is the mainstream media in favor of riots?

  8. How long will this run for before the next event occurs?

  9. Are Black Lives Matter & Antifa the one of the same organization?

  10. What does Antifa as a terrorist organization mean?

  11. "AG Barr threatening to release Antifa communications to show which elites and politicians played a role in coordinating these riots."