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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 16 March 2024

Valley Broadcast News with Jim White

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Valley Broadcast News is the flagship broadcast on Flathead Valley, Montana's newest Over-The-Air (OTA) TV outlet, Valley Broadcast Network (VBN). The host of VBN, James White, is well known for his many years as host of Northwest Liberty News.  During his tenure, Jim and the Northwest Liberty News team were on the scene of many fast-breaking news stories, including the Bundy Ranch and the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) standoff.  Join Jim each weekday as he shatters the left-right paradigm and seeks to find the truth behind the lies.   

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Jim White
Founder of NorthWest Liberty News, Editor and Talk Show Host

NorthWest Liberty News was founded in 2013 by James White, who still serves as editor and host of the podcast that bears its namesake. White, a Network Engineer by trade, moved to the picturesque landscape and open skies of Northwest Montana just over 10 years ago with his wife and two daughters.

NorthWest Liberty News was quickly thrust into the world of alternative media shortly after its inception when Oath Keeper Founder and January 6 Political Prisoner Stewart Rhodes asked White to provide video coverage for the Oath Keepers’ journey to Nevada in defense of Cliven Bundy’s Ranch.

White, who was embedded with Oath Keepers during the Bundy Ranch event, “provided the best coverage of the Bundy Ranch Standoff of any news outlet,” according to White’s friend and fellow truth-teller, Sean from SGT Report.

After the Bundy Ranch incident, White continued to provide video services to Oath Keepers and Stewart Rhodes for several years afterward. While serving in that part-time capacity, White decided to explore the world of radio and joined Revolution Radio with a show he co-hosted called, The Liberty Brothers Radio Show, which can still be found on YouTube.

With just over a year of broadcasting experience under his belt, White began broadcasting on AM/FM stations in Seattle, Dallas, Spokane, and many other great venues from coast to coast.

Most recently, White has been spearheading an investigation into Montana’s largest credit union where he continues to uncover fraud and corruption on a massive scale.