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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 12 May 2021

Toward The Light with Rev Juliet Nightingale

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Talk Show:
Rev Juliet Nightingale

Rev. Juliet Nightingale — a multiple NDEr, is the host of this ground-breaking programme, Toward The Light, focusing primarily on the Nature of Consciousness and Life Continuum as revealed through the Near-Death and similar Spiritually Transformative Experiences. She features a stellar roster of special guests who are both experiencers and researchers in the realm of NDEs and related topics. Some of the show topics include:

  • What Every Individual and Caregiver Should Know About The Dying Process
  • Near-Death/Out-of-Body and similar Spiritually Transformative Experiences
  • Exploring the Many Facets of After-Death Communications (ADCs)
  • Experiencing the Afterlife and the Immortality of the Soul
  • Living Inter-Dimensionally and Being Multi-Sensory
  • Intuition and Telepathy

Nightingale covers new ground, discussing topics that up until recently have been nearly taboo. Audiences leave with the tools necessary for change, with information relative to their own lives, on both personal and professional levels. With compassion and the utmost respect for various religious beliefs, Nightingale inspires her audiences to go out into the world and make a difference.

Nightingale is a facilitator, speaker, teacher, clairvoyant, medium, life coach, and Reiki practitioner who is available for public and private speaking engagements (as well as for the above-mentioned services). She also conducts seminars covering a wide range of topics. From England, her accent immediately draws people in. And although a bit shy and reserved, with her 'tell-it-like-it-is' style, Nightingale holds her audiences spellbound, then engages the audience in colourful dialogue.

Toward The Light was founded by Rev. Juliet Nightingale — a lifelong mystic and Seer from England — who has been through a number of near-death experiences, (NDEs), as a result of life-threatening illnesses since childhood. She's also had many out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and spiritually transformative experiences (STEs) — all of which have had a profound and lasting effect on her life. Initially, however, she rarely spoke of them as a result of being grossly judged and misunderstood. Thanks to her joining the International Association for Near-Death Studies, (IANDS), she has, since, been able to share her experiences first hand, and has generated great interest and deepening awareness of the profundity of the NDE, OBE & STE in recent years.

Nightingale has been on two IANDS committees — Membership Chair and Friends Of IANDS (FOI) International Relations Committee. She's also facilitated FOI NDE discussion/support groups in Nashville, Tennessee and different areas in New England — now holding 'virtual' and local meetings as Light On The Water (LOTW) — and being committed to generating a community of support for experiencers. She is passionate about her work in offering resources and support for NDErs and others who've had similar experiences ... where they'll find an abundance of resources, encouragement and amity with kindred spirits.

As a result of her deep convictions concerning near-death and similar experiences, Nightingale is very committed to fulfilling the goal of IANDS thus: "to enrich our understanding of the nature and scope of human consciousness and its relationship to life and death".

Nightingale has availed herself to the media for the purpose of furthering study and research on these topics. She's appeared on various radio programmes, TV, and in newspaper and magazine articles, as she discusses her experiences and knowledge of near-death/out-of-body experiences and the immortality of the soul. She has also written articles and given talks on these subjects — pointing out that "...we never really die; we simply shift from one realm to another — remaining totally conscious and alive, but in a different form. We never cease to be ... and it is the destiny of every soul to return to the Light."

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Rev Juliet Nightingale

Reverend Juliet Nightingale
Radio Talk Show Host, NDR, Facilitator, Speaker, Teacher, Clairvoyant, Medium, Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner

Juliet Nightingale's NDE by Rev. Juliet Nightingale

The Near-Death Experience (NDE) — of which I've had a few — mainly occurred at a time when NDEs were rarely documented, much less talked about. It was something I could only share with certain individuals, who were already spiritually aware, open-minded ... or, at least, receptive. Yet, it still happened that, on occasion, one would accuse me of having had a hallucination, or being in need of 'psychiatric evaluation', because ignorance was still so prevalent at that time. The good news is that, in recent years, the NDE has not only been talked about, it has also been documented and has received widespread media interest — both in broadcast & print media. A good example of this is my having seen articles in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia in recent past — including a column in which I appeared. Scientists, physicians, psychologists, ministers, mystics and others, have all congregated together to obtain a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of the NDE. It is something that many people — such as myself — have been through; and we have been called back to teach and to share our experiences with others. By all rights, one might wonder why so many of us have been brought back ... while others remain on the Other Side. This is mainly due to the fact that we were needed to fulfil and complete something significant in our own lives ... as well as to honour a special mission to help humanity finally come to the realisation that there is indeed no death. We simply 'move on' and continue to evolve in our journey back toward the Light.

Since people are always inquiring, "What happened?" and "What's it like?" I will try to convey what happened to me that led to one of my NDEs — as well as what I experienced from the Other Side. Please excuse me if this doesn't fit into a tidy chronological sequence, as there is no such thing as linear time on the Other Side. Everything is always experienced in the now — including past and future.

Herein, I will attempt to explain and recapture my experiences on the Other Side and how it affected me. I will humbly attempt to grasp the proper words for describing this most lofty experience that had a profound impact on me ... and has changed my life forever.

The Experience

In the mid-70's, I was dealing with a terminal disease, colon cancer, where my life was ebbing away. I was bedridden for the most part, but could sometimes manage to sit up for short periods. Being the contemplative that I was, I was always listening and observing — taking things in and trying to understand the deeper wisdom behind what was happening to me and where all of this was leading. As a result, I became more withdrawn and detached ... as I observed everything round me starting to change. Solid matter became more translucent and fluid-like; colours became more vivid and vibrant; sound was more clear and acute ... and so on. I could no longer comprehend anything printed on a page, because it no longer meant anything to me in my changed state of consciousness. It was like trying to read and understand a foreign language! I had already departed from the third-dimensional realm for the most part ... and my awareness enveloped other things.

I was entering into what I later came to refer to as the 'twilight' stage. In this state, everything was altered. I got to a point where my consciousness was already making the transition from one realm to the other — being more aware of other realities on other dimensions. I was seeing and perceiving things and other beings inter-dimensionally — even though I was still somewhat conscious on the physical plane. I've, since, realised that this is what a lot of dying people go through — (such as those in hospitals, nursing homes or others in hospice care), while an observer might think that they're hallucinating or seeing someone or something that 'isn't really there'. In truth, this is a state where one, such as myself, is experiencing other dimensions simultaneously while still on the physical plane, because, in reality, we are multidimensional beings.

I finally lapsed into a coma on Boxing Day, 26 December, and, ironically, declared 'dead' on my birthday, 2 February! (Now I've got two natal charts!) As others observed that I was in a coma — which lasted over five weeks — I was having a completely different experience! One would look at my body and think that I was unconscious ... asleep ... with no awareness of what was going on ... or anything. Yet, I was very conscious and profoundly aware, because, in truth, we never really sleep; only our bodies do. We are always aware ... and active ... on one level of consciousness or another. Just the fact that we dream while asleep is an indication of our consciousness always being active. And, indeed, our bodies need to rest, so that we can tap into ... and experience other aspects of our consciousness and being!

The best way I can describe the transition from being 'alive' on the physical plane and the passage to the Other Side is like passing from one 'room' to another. You do not cease to be or lose consciousness; your consciousness simply shifts from one vantagepoint to another. The experience changes; your outlook changes; your feelings change. And the feelings I experienced were profound. For me, it most certainly became that peace that surpasses all understanding...

My transition was gradual as a result of having a terminal disease — as opposed to a sudden one incurred from accidents, heart attacks, etc. I became aware of a 'Being of Light' enveloping me. Everything was stunningly beautiful — so vibrant and luminous — and so full of life — yes, life! — in ways that one would never see or experience on the physical plane. I was totally and completely enveloped in divine Love. It was unconditional love — in the truest sense of the word. I was in constant communion with this Light and always aware of its loving presence with me at all times. Consequently, there was no sense of fear whatsoever ... and I was never alone. This was a special opportunity to experience being at one with the ALL ... never separate ... and never at a loss.

The colours were so beautiful�watching the Light whirl all round me, pulsating and dancing ... making whooshing sounds ... and being ever so playful at times, then very serious at other times. Many things would take on a luminous glow — a sort of soft peach colour. Everything was so vibrant — even when I saw deep space! I was constantly in a state of awe! There were always beautiful beings round me as well — helping me ... guiding me ... reassuring me ... and also pouring love into me. I was never alone.

One of the first things I remember experiencing was the life review — which included everything that I'd experienced in my physical incarnation up to that point. It was like being at the cinema — watching a movie of my life and everything happening simultaneously. I think most NDErs will agree that, the life review is one of the most difficult aspects of the NDE. Viewing your entire life before you (with every thought, word, action, etc.) can be most unsettling, indeed. Yet, what happened was the fact that no one passed judgement on me! I only felt the constant enveloping of divine love from the Being of Light that was always with me. What I came to realise, then, is that we judge ourselves! There was no 'he-god' sitting on some throne, passing judgement on me, (not that I even expected to see such a being in the first place). I never subscribed to such religious myths anyway. I seemed to be the only one who was uncomfortable and most critical of myself. Yet, having stated that, I also realised that I wasn't coming from a vantagepoint of the 'ego self' but, rather, from my soul self that was much more detached and having no feelings of being emotionally charged, etc. I was no longer identifying with the personality of the physical self. Therefore, what I felt was very different — coming from a completely different perspective as the soul self — my True Identity.

Even though I was no longer in my physical body, I did have form — a body of sorts. The best way I can describe this is that I felt like a bubble — floating and moving about effortlessly — sometimes very fast ... or gently drifting about. I felt hollow inside and so clear — even having a sensation of a breeze blowing inside of me. There was never any sense of hunger, thirst, weariness or pain. Such things never entered my mind, in fact! Alas, I was pure consciousness, embodied in a light and ethereal form, travelling about ... or being still and observing intently ... and always in a state of awe. It was such a glorious sensation where I experienced such calm and a profound sense of peace and constant trust. I also experienced no blindness, (as I do with my physical eyes being legally blind), and what a sense of awe and wonder ... to be able to see!

At one point, I perceived myself as being on a guided tour, as it were — visiting and observing different places, beings and situations — some very pleasant and some very painful. The best way I can describe this 'tour' was like being in a circular enclosure of windows — each pane revealing something different — but when I'd focus on one particular pane, I'd suddenly see the pane become full size (much like a 'window' on your computer monitor becoming full screen) and I stood still ... just watching...

One pane revealed a scene that one might interpret as a 'hell' or 'purgatory' where faceless, grey coloured entities moved about aimlessly and moaned. They were clearly suffering and in great agony and anguish. I saw these souls as damaged souls — ones who had committed unspeakable atrocities during their previous incarnations. I have used the analogy of a soul being 'retrograde'--much in the way a planet will have the appearance of going backwards. The prevailing feeling that I had whilst observing these souls was one of deep compassion and a yearning to comfort them. I wanted so much to see them relieved of their horrible suffering. But, alas, as painful as this scene was, I was reassured that these souls were here only temporarily and that they, too, would heal and move back in a forward direction and ultimately return to the Light. All souls, without exception, eventually return to the Light ... according to what was revealed to me.

The above scene led to another scene where I saw images of people I knew in my present life — obviously those still incarnate on the physical plane, but my viewing them from the Other Side in a scene that would take place in future. (Again, everything experienced on the Other Side is always in the 'Now' — even 'past' and 'future'.) These were individuals who'd also committed atrocities in one form or another — individuals who had severely violated me, or people I love. But the scene I beheld was one where they were being made to suffer ... as a result of what they'd done ... that most likely being the karmic result of their decisions and actions, etc. Again, I felt a deep sense of compassion for them ... and feeling sad that they had to endure such suffering, yet realising that it was also unavoidable. Never once did I feel any sense of anger or hostility towards these individuals�but only wanting to see them healed ... so that they, too, would come to know love.

Another scene I remember was that of finding myself observing a realm that constituted water. I beheld all its beauty and splendour and it was teaming with life. Then, before I knew it, I found myself under water and not having to worry about breathing! I was moving about effortlessly and mingling with everything that I'd first observed from without. The same thing happened to me when I moved through space ... and danced and flowed with all the heavenly bodies and lights. There were lots of times for play and buzzing about with all the light beings ... moving all round me like comets. This was an opportunity to experience great joy and feeling so light and completely void of worry or fear. I could move effortlessly ... and adapt to any environment I happened to be in at any given moment. I would simply think about something and it would instantly manifest ... or I'd think about a place and there I'd be! Oh, what a sensation to experience such power — to be anywhere I wanted to be and to create anything I wanted to — and to feel so totally free!

After experiencing the tour, adventures and times of play and creation, etc., things became more serious ... and I was again in direct communion with the Being of Light. I was now being asked to 'help' or 'assist' in some creating and determining the outcome of certain events, situations or even things affecting others! Me? Just little me? Oh my, I thought. That's a grave and serious responsibility. I felt so honoured...and so humble...being asked to participate in such a feat...but what if I failed to do my part as needed, I wondered. Then, I was assured that everything would work out exactly as it should — even if I couldn't complete things as desired. It seemed that the point in all this was the fact that we co-create with the Light...and we are also part of the Light. Furthermore, no matter what happens ... the Light Source will always be in control ... and be there to see things through ... despite any shortcomings on our part as souls. How auspicious it is, then, to realise that, as souls, we are a part of all creation and take part in the actual creative process thereof!

This very thought of being asked to help — to co-create with the Light — made me feel profoundly special and important in the greater scheme of things, but by no means from an egotistical point of view. As stated above, I felt so deeply humble and a serious sense of responsibility for every thought and action I made. My only thought was that I wanted to do what was right. How important it was that I be very loving and creative ... and never damaging in any way ... and that's the gift. I realised at that point, how totally connected with all life ... through all the universes ... I am. I felt one with the All — never separate, never apart. Still, there was no fear. Still, there was only love. Forever and for always I could never be alone ... because I would never be alone. It's impossible to be alone, because life is everywhere; love is everywhere ... and this is what carried me and has stayed with me.

I so cherished this communion with the Light. Everything was communicated telepathically — whether with the Light or other beings, friends or loved ones. It didn't matter. It was always honest, open and real ... and it was always done with love. There's no such thing as 'putting on airs' and no need to hide on the Other Side. No one is there to hurt you in any way — not in the least — because there is no sense of lack ... or the need to 'steal' someone else's power or energy. You are operating as a soul, not centred in ego or personality. It's nice to realise that you will have whatever you need, because you've got the capacity and power to create it instantly!

As the mood seemed to shift�I felt as if there was something serious that was just about to befall me. I was now being told that I was going to have to return to the alien (physical) world I'd left behind — that I was needed there for something very special and significant. I needed to go back to share what had just happened to me ... and to let others know that life is, indeed, eternal and that death is an illusion. On a personal level, I was told that I needed to experience great love and joy in that world ... and finally I would be able to return Home. I was, then, assured that I was Real ... and that I could believe in what I'd come to know in this glorious realm, not only about myself, but also about all life. I was also told, however, that the world I was returning to was an illusion and that I wasn't to identify with it or be involved — to be in it but not of it — and that I was only passing through...

To say that my heart sank would be an understatement. This was the first time that I had the true experience of a broken heart while on the Other Side. The very thought of leaving this sacred realm where I was in constant communion with the Light and other beings ... crushed me in ways I could never describe. I knew how dark and foreboding that strange, illusory world that I was being asked to return to was ... and it is, indeed, a world I've never identified with! However, I was, once again, reassured that the Light and other loving beings would be with me at all times ... and to remember that I'd never be alone. Gratefully, there was still no sense of fear ... only sorrow now, but realising that I had to honour the divine will, making this request of me.

As I reluctantly accepted this mission, I suddenly beheld before me, a most beautiful being who appeared in front of me — pouring tremendous love into me and filling me to overflowing. It was as if this was my gift ... for accepting the painful request to leave my home on the Other Side and return to a world so alien to me. This being loved me very deeply and stayed with me, continuing to radiate love and sound ... and it was made clear that he'd be with me always.

I started moving back into this world in much the same way that I had left it. It was a very gradual transition. I was, now, more aware of my body laying in hospital intensive care, hooked up to a life-support system, but it was still so separate from me and the vantagepoint I was experiencing, from the Other Side. It was like being a newborn baby when I finally regained consciousness on this plane. Everything was so strange and new! I had just come from another world — literally — and this world appeared so much darker and void of colour by comparison. Everything was drab and appeared flat to me. I didn't feel the life-force I experienced on the Other Side...but I was resolved to honour the will of the Light I'd been sent back to fulfil. I had a mission...and there was a special promise that was made to me in return.

Even in hospital, I was aware of the Being of Light still with me...and communicating with me. I was also still aware of other beings with me — beings that I came to realise, later, only I could see and hear. Finally, one day, the Being of Light disappeared from view of my mortal awareness ... and I knew, now, that I was fully back in this world. Again, I was broken-hearted, but still free of all fear ... and believing and trusting in the promise that I'd never be alone...and so it was...

This near-death experience (or what I prefer to call an Eternal Life Experience) left me feeling such a profound sense of triumph and awe. Something else I learned, too, is that fear is an acquired state, not a natural one. It is something that you learn ... but having no connection with the soul self. Love is the prevailing force at all times ... no matter how things may appear in this world of duality and illusion. It's merely a hologram — created by the collective consciousness — for the sake of growth and evolution. Therefore, what occurred on the Other Side, for me, was a special opportunity to experience ... and know ... with total certainty ...that everything was evolving exactly the way it should ... and that the ultimate destiny for every living being is to return to the Source, The Light ... Pure Love.

…Congratulations on your first show [with PMH]! Of course, I loved the content of the program [with Bill Taylor], especially the comments both of you made about the Web. I also loved the statement, "Love is the fabric of the Universe." You are a heroine! ~ Rev. Dick Dinges (Virginia)

I just listened to you on BBS Radio and realized that my precocious five year old niece is On Beyond Indigo! I can tell you're going to be providing a great service -- congratulations on such a successful first program, and here's wishing many more (to you AND the listeners!) Cheers! ~ David M (Oregon)

I must say you were most professional. You did a better job than most radio talk show hosts I have been interviewed by, and you have a good voice... I feel very good about the show. I hope you do, too. Big hugs to you, oh, great one! ~ PMH Atwater (Virginia)

I really enjoyed your new show Toward The Light with Rev. Juliet Nightingale. The first show with PMH Atwater was excellent. The second show with Bill Taylor was absolutely riveting! That show really needs to be archived for humanity for all time. What a wonderful discourse between those two. Thank you very much for presenting such a show. It is definitely of the highest quality. I can't wait to hear the next shows. Thanks again for presenting such a fascinating radio alternative! ~ Chris O (Maine)

Enjoyed the show with Yvonne. Really enjoyed the music/voice-over before the show (BBSRadio ID that Juliet did). Was very nice. Hope to have some time soon to hear the archived show with PMH. ~ MaAnna S (Tennessee)

YES! I did hear the interview with Peter Shockey! What a great show that was, Juliet! What an amazing soul Peter is. He certainly spoke of other NDErs like George Ritchie who I am well acquainted with. I read Ritchie's book, "Return from Tomorrow" and remember his NDE as being one of the most detailed experiences I have ever read. I remember toward the end of the book where Ritchie actually sees in person a street corner sign that he saw while out of body during his NDE which verified his whole NDE experience as being real! ~ Steve C (Texas)

Congratulations, Juliet! You have launched your dream! Blessings to you as you continue to lead others toward the light. May you feel richly rewarded as you fulfil your purpose, embracing the light within you and letting it shine forth to touch the deepest part of others. May you and your show fly with the grace and freedom of the butterfly, bringing powerful transformation to all those who tune in. ~ Lashall M. (Maine)

I’ve listened to the archive of our show on and I think it was superb! ~ Yvonne Perry (Tennessee)

I just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you for having me on your wonderful show. I really enjoyed it and you so much. Your energy is wonderful and I wish you all the best with the future of the show. ~ Rev. Peg Abernathy (California)

Dear Juliet: It was a terrific show and I really enjoyed being on with you. You have such a wonderful gift that really sparkles on the air. I loved it! Love and light. ~ Beverly Brodsly (California)

Many of us have an instinctive knowledge of Spirit that is the Source of our being. But how do we begin to verbalize the ineffable? Juliet, you have a remarkable ability to present the inner beauty of Spirit to your listeners in a way that gently guides and respects all who come in curiosity to seek greater awareness of the ineffable. You are providing a wonderful and inspiring outlet which touches the lives of others and is a gift to all of us. Thank you for providing this excellent forum. ~ Nancy Clark (Ohio)

They say that if it doesn't kill you, it just makes you stronger. Juliet's heartfelt, insightful program reveals a deeper truth: Nothing can kill you, and love is stronger than we know. This show is like a metaphysical National Geographic! ~ Ron Fent (Kansas)

Thank you, Juliet! I found your interviewing style to be delightful! ...Thank you again for a lovely experience! ~ Jan Holden (Texas)

I have listened to your program on BBS radio several times, now. I am consistently impressed by the way you handle the interviews - always steering back the interviewee to talk about their experiences or the experiences they have studied with the goal of providing the most direct effect on your audience of the message of the NDE, (i.e., that the Universe consists fundamentally of Love, and that we are Eternal!) ~ Denis Purcell (California)

It was SO SO wonderful as well speaking with you Juliet. You have such a gift for interviewing, you come by it so naturally. I felt I was talking to my best friend over a cup of tea, that's how relaxed you made me feel. ~ Nancy Clark (Ohio)

I thank you for the enlightening experience of being interviewed on your show yesterday. It was simply Great!!! Take care and G-d Bless... ~ Andrew Feder (Nevada)

Great show!!! My first one and I really enjoyed listening to it. She sounds like me (minus the death experience) in that she was very unaccepting of this all as well. Feels really good to hear someone else go through what I am going through, though I'm putting myself through it I realize and I just need to let it all come to me. It was very, very exciting indeed! I loved your show!! ~ Axely Congress (Colorado)

Juliet's interviewing style has the comfort of sitting in a Victorian parlour sipping tea with an old friend, combined with the sharing of intellectual observations, unusual experiences, and provocative paranormal ideas with a trained researcher. Juliet is the consummate verbal investigator and disseminator of fascinating information in her field of research! ~ Dory Dzinski, The Door Opener Magazine (Connecticut)

Juliet, What a wonderful show!!! That's all I've got to say for now. Simply breathtaking! ~ Chris Owen (Maine)

Rev. Juliet's conversation with David Icke. It was very thoughtful and enlightening. I met David in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1999 when he gave one of his talks for about 9 hours. He is still a very fascinating speaker, but more importantly he is correct about the infinite love. Rev. Juliet is also an honest and informed person. This was my first time ever listening to this program and was happy on the timing to catch David as her guest. It is the synchronicity which I have experienced in my life in freeing myself to act for myself. Both of you together on this program were invigorating. You two are the oneness in your discussion. It was right that this show took place and I'm honored to have heard your conversation on the first program I hear via the Internet. NDE is very important and the perceptions our humankind have on the subjects you both discussed is much needed for our young people. Your discussion would be a welcome to the normal curriculum most schools provide. We all know the left brained controllers would not allow, but you two can reach some educational structure, maybe via CD sales on your conversations on these subjects over time. Both of you know much and the sharing can speed the changes we need in our world today. I'm with you both and will continue the intent for this world to reach the infinite love needed for all. Pray much continued success and love to you both. Keep doing these types of discussions on radio... ~ Mario G. Rivera (Winter Haven, Florida)

That was an amazing interview. One of the best I've heard. You all gave Dave a warm reception. I'm sure we can work together again at some point. FYI: Our forum members thought the interview was one of the best they've heard. You did a really great job. It went down well and our lot take a lot of pleasing. Well done. You're a true pro. ~ John Peters (David Icke Books - Surrey, UK)

Fantastic show with David! I loved every minute of it. I am a regular in the "David Icke" forum, and what I heard was first class! I understand totally where you're coming from! And I'd love to hear you speak again sometime soon! Love and peace. ~ Auron :) (Lancashire, UK)

I really enjoyed the show today with David Icke. There was so much said that is so true. I missed the first half hour because of the overload on the BBS site. I called and they told me how to connect to hear the show. It would be really great if David Icke could be on again perhaps in a month or so. It would give him more exposure to get out his wisdom. It was great that you were able to have the extra hour with him. Maybe you can so another shared show for 2 hours. ~ Peter Tufts (Washington)

Excellent interview! - The best I've heard from David! Totally brilliant in every way! I loved the host Juliet, She has her head screwed on properly! ~ Anthony (Manchester, UK)

I have to say that was a first class effort. I know Juliet and she is a lovely genuine person. That was a real interview with real people. ~ JP (David Icke Books ~ Guildford, UK)

Yep, was a brilliant interview! Nice one Dave & looking forward to the new book too... (listener in UK)

Juliet, I heard your music come on tonight and then I heard other music, and then I waited for 5 minutes hoping that nothing went wrong. And then that wonderful moment came when you introduced David. And when I heard his voice on your show I jumped out of my chair and shouted YES!!!YES!!!YES!!! And what a blockbuster show it was! BRAVO, WELL DONE!!! THAT WAS THE ABSOLUTE BEST INTERVIEW DAVID HAS HAD IN THIS COUNTRY AND HE KNOWS IT! What a fantastic triumph for your show! CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful show; it was simply breathtaking! ~ Chris Owen (Maine)

Good interview, he did repeat topics but still inspiring and slightly updated info. His next book will be touching the topics of NDEs. Listener ~ (West Yorkshire, UK)

Initially I forgot about tuning in for the 10pm show, I tuned in on the internet around 11pm and was pleased to hear that the radio show continued over running until midnight. It was very interesting hearing David talk about the 5-sensory world and all of us having the ability to choose a different future, vibrations and abilities to bring about changes. He also mentioned about mass belief systems and collective realities coming about if we are all persuaded/bombarded/programmed, e.g end of the world, Armageddon and that if enough people buy into it, it brings about manifestation. He also talked about his spiritual awakening and how the not-so-nice ones in the world are literally losing control of our reality as more and more people are waking up and moving into higher consciousness and realising how powerful, etc. they are and indeed remembering who we are. From the middle to last parts of the radio show that I did listen to, it was so positive and uplifting, the way things should be to help us all move forward. Thank you David and everyone XXX. ~ Listener (UK)

Excellent stuff - thanks for that!! I'll have another listen as I missed some bits last night... ~ Listener (South UK)

Yes, good stuff. Where he says about he used to be a day dreamer at school (using the right side of the brain the creative side) Icke says he doesn't meditate, he day dreams to get in touch with his creative side. I do this myself. ~ Listener ( UK)

The interview was cool. I've also found it really easy for me to pass around to people to introduce them to his work and new ideas. It's great for those who can't be buggered to watch a vid or read a book... I just send them the link or burn a CD for the older gens who aren't computer savvy. Are there any more audio interviews like this getting around? Is he going to do any more? Wow, some close minded people I know were heaps more responsive having a radio interview to listen to than anything else I've offered them. Unfortunately I was only able to download three quarters of it... dodgy whether or something is interfering with my satellite connection, the longest download I got ran out just as he was starting to talk about 2012. ~ Listener (West Victoria, Australia)

I just finished listening to your archived interview with David Icke. What a great job you did! I even took some notes. I loved when you were talking about your NDE and you were reminded to go into the world, but not to identify with it. I noticed how much David liked that comment and hopped on the chance to talk about the waves you saw, vibrational frequencies, and decoding information as explained in the book Holographic Universe. I also resonated with his description of the body being likened to a biological computer with memory and gave the example of transplant recipients taking on the loves/likes of the donors. I've seen news stories on that subject. I hope you get a chance to interview him again or maybe be able to work with him on some level. The two of you seemed to have great chemistry. The dialogue flowed. ~ Sylvia Acuna (Texas)

Yes, great stuff! I am so pleased you got David on your show, tremendous and brilliant. He really will help you when they google his name. I am sure he found you the delightful lady that you are. He's the best around... ~ Matthew Delooze (Lancashire, UK)

Congratulations, great listening to David Icke in Toward the Light with Juliet Nightingale! David Icke never loses his clarity and magic touch to say and explain things to all, and wake up many people thanks to good comunication of Toward The Light. Congratulations to all! ~ Chandrakavi (Santiago, Chile)

What a great show today. Mathew [Dovel] has a great insight and understanding of the frustration that leads so many to contemplate suicide. I got so into the show then suddenly it was over. It seems that such discussions can certainly benefit many out there. Sometimes it seems that the personal touch gets lost with all of the modern communications gadgets. It is the personal loving connection that can heal so much. ~ Peter Tufts (Washington)

Busting 'The Secret' is not a 'popular' activity, so yay for you for airing the interview with Peggy Kane. We want so much to believe in something like 'The Secret', and yet, we still need to question, most especially when it 'seems' so great - programming doesn't stop with mainstream ad campaigns, and political speeches! And that's when it gets dicey. Peggy has some VERY interesting things to report through her use of reverse speech. I think it is real important to be questioning everything these days. Good for you, and for Peggy, for putting this out there! Great show! Thank you! ~ Roxanne (Arizona)

What a wonderful trip the radio show was today. Cyndi is such an alive joyous person, it was like I could be with her experience and understand it. I felt her presence so strongly as she spoke. As you know I am one who has come to recognize near-death experiences on an intuitive feeling level. It has been this inner communion at the soul level that has brought to me the awakening of my own experience. Again what a wonderful trip Cyndi shared today. I use 'trip' as I was there almost living the experience as she spoke about it. It came to me: that perhaps there is no one in the physical world that does not have some 'disability'. It is just the nature of the learning experience that we came here to achieve. When we reach out to help others there is a flow of love that comes through us. In this flow there is healing for all. ~ Peter Tufts (Washington)

I really enjoy your radio show, and it has been enlightening to hear about you and your guests experiences beyond the physical plane. I feel genuinely happier through gaining this new awareness of reality. ~ C. A. Ferguson (London, UK)

I loved your program this afternoon with Dr. Pim Van Lommel. I'm so excited that his book is coming out already! ~ Beverly Brodsky (California)

Wow, what a great show! That guy (Pim van Lommel, MD) is a glimmer of hope to the medical establishment. Dutch people are naturally curious so I'm not surprised. ~ Chris Owen (Maine)

It was a pleasure to be in your show. We need people like you to spread the implications of NDE for our Western society, which has to change dramatically before it is too late. In love and peace, Pim van Lommel (Holland)

I want to thank you for your website, your radio broadcasts, and most of all yourself. I have rarely sensed such loving grace from someone. I used to be so afraid to die and lived in constant terror of it. But now, through your work and the work of Dr. Michael Newton ('Journey of Souls'), I have passed out of most of that fear. Thank you so much! ~ Connie Myhand (Alabama)

I am so pleased to hear you have received some positive response from the program. You are very gifted and really put people at ease. It was more like we were just conversing over the telephone to a dear friend. Thank you so much. ~ Peggy Porter (Florida)

Thank you for making the announcement on your program today. I really enjoyed listening to you and Ms. Porter. Her recollections were absolutely astounding for someone who had experienced an NDE at such a young age. ~ Liz Goncalves 'Discovery Channel' (NY)

What another absolutely wonderful show! You should be very proud of this gem that you have produced. I am very proud of you! ~ Chris Owen (Maine)

Kudos on the great work you are doing in spreading knowledge about the NDE. Keep up the good work. ~ Avi Solomon

What a wonderfully naturally talented and gifted radio show host Rev. Juliet Nightingale is! Talking with her on September 23rd's show felt as cozy and natural as chatting with a dear friend in armchairs by the fire. She led the interview so expertly that it did not feel like an interview at all. And, Juliet brought into the conversation references to other wonderful resources, such as books, that helped to round out the educational experience this appearance was intended by me to be. I cannot praise this show, and Juliet's loving guidance of it, enough. I am just so grateful that Juliet took this mission upon herself for the benefit of us all. ~ Nanci L. Danison (Ohio)

I loved the program yesterday (20.1). It's really become part of my Sunday afternoon like going to church because you and your guests give me inspiration and a sense of peace ~ Adrienne B (Illinois)

Juliet, Its hard to believe that its been two years since you started your radio show. What an amazing job you have done! You are a seasoned broadcaster now. I knew this was going to work out and I can only hope you continue to have greater and greater success with this wonderful work you have single-handedly undertaken. Look at it this way. You are not only the only broadcast in the world dedicated to the subject of the NDE. You are the only show in the history of the human race dedicated to this subject! You are one of the greatest pioneers for Spirit of all time. ~ Chris Owen (Maine)

Juliet - I really enjoyed being on your show. Thank you so much for making my first radio interview a wonderful experience!! You made me feel so comfortable. ~ Wendy Halley (Vermont)