Guest Name, Wilbur Allen

Wilbur Allen
Wilbur Allen
UFO Researcher

Wilbur Allen: Director of Photography (Nocturnal Scientific documentation) Spectacular Imagery National Geographic standards!

Thank you Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Buzz Aldrin, Dr. Neal Armstrong and Stephen Hawking for acknowledging Thank you MSNBC/Fox News/Politico 
Discovery Science-Animal Planet-American Heroes Channel, NBCUniversal-The Weather Channel, Country Music Television (CMT-MTV), Gary Greenfield, Billy Booth, and George Noory John B. Wells.

With the support of AVID Technologies, Boris Fx, Nikon and NASA experts/friends. Tom Arnold and CMT (MTV) whose support is deeply appreciated, Howard Stern/Riley Martin, Eron McCauley, My Redneck Family in Shreveport: The Clampetts (Tommy and Tammy). The Navajo Nation, George Noory, Fox News, CBS News, MSNBC News, Politico, National Geographic, and my Friend: Ronald Reagan, Rest in Peace, Mr. President.

The development of Extraterrestrial based color technology for Motion Pictures Special Effects, and 3D Game Development. The assimilation of color texture bitmaps from ET objects.
UFO Colors are assimilated colors from ET Technology. 3D visual effects will never be the same! 
Mike Pataki (Korax, Klingon Commander: Star Trek Trouble with Tribbles) Rest in peace.

ABC News (Washington)
AVID Media Composer 7-8 with Boris Fx BCC 8.2-9.0; High Definition Workflow. 
Motion Pictures/Broadcast Standards. Full Color Night Vision. 
I can film anywhere anytime, under available conditions.

Thank You NBCUniversal-The Weather Channel for excellent production and accurate presentation based on HD evidence. Presenting the evidence correctly Karga 7 Pictures

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