Guest Name, Toni Roberts

Toni Roberts
Toni Roberts
Women's Empowerment Coach

In September of 2007, after being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, Toni Roberts underwent a radical mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. After completing five of the recommded twelve chemotherapy treatments, Toni refused fruther chemo and also politely declined follow-up radiation and lifelong Tamoxifen.

Today, at age seventy-seven, Toni Roberts enjoys a youthful, vigorous, creative and robustly healthy life--free of all so-called diseases of aging and pharmaceutical drugs. Roberts offers herself as a model for women of any age who would age gracefully, creatively, healthily, youthfully--and usefully.

Toni created the LIFE...from the inside out  self-empowerment program for women who are ready to recreate themselves and their lives in a journey of body-mind-spirit balancing and harmonizing. The nine-week program incorporates mindful meditation, guided visualization and creative self-expression; all medically proven, stress-reducing, anti-aging and health-enhancing modalities.

Roberts also handcrafts one-of-a-kind, semi-precious gemstone necklaces; plays the djembe drum; was an "extra" in the movie, The Interpreter; played a feature role in a made-for-TV movie; has performed her poetry at various NYC venues including Avery Fisher Hall and was mistress of ceremonies for Retumba, the all-women, Afro-Caribbean drum and dance troupe.

Roberts art and photography are available at:

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