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Tara Ventura
Your Pitch

I will talk about Numerology, and why it is brilliant because it is a blueprint that identifies your uniqueness, why you think the way you do, special gifts talents and values that you were born with. Instead of fitting in the mold and doing what you thought you were supposed to be doing, what society told you, it creates awareness and a big AHA , "that is WHY I’m different", so you gain clarity. People feel better about themselves by being aware of their uniqueness and also helps them to realize that others have different values too that can be recognize. Therefore it validates you as a human being and teaches self love. On the show, I would love to demonstrate through Numerology how it relates to Past Life Strengths and experiences. Our name reveals the blueprint of our soul, and what characteristics we used in other lifetimes. After revealing these, I intuitively tune in to a person and use my empathic skills to receive snapshots or visions of what and how these characteristics may have played out. Many times people resonate with what their past life strengths and that is because they're part of our souls journey and DNA. I am clairvoyant and empathic. Friends and family can be part of the past and I will ask for a their birth name or birthdate, as well. Their deceased loved ones may come in to the picture, too. I ask them to take a couple of deep breaths so I can tune into them and their chakras and get more information. I also balance chakras to align with any emotional or physical issues that may be from past life traumas. My nature is compassionate so I listen intently to what a client expresses, how they feel or what they want to clear. I also encourage them to live out their abilities and what they came here to do.


Tara Ventura is an intuitive numerologist of 27 years, clairvoyant, empath and does balancing chakras. Her client's throughout the U.S are attracted to her joyful, communicative and compassionate nature. Tara's background in right brained professions such as art compels her to inspire people to sense their uniqueness. She listen's and captures her client's specific desires, filters their information, and feeds back empowerment to energize their goals.

Tara feels it is important that other's understand their own gifts, and teaches classes locally and via teleconference. She writes blogs and has done podcasts for Annie Jennings PR. She has also been a speaker and guest on Awakening in Austin radio show.