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Stephanie James
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Stephanie James

The Book: Becoming Fierce: Stephanie’s second book -Now available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

“A …provocative book, stimulating considerable thought, and igniting the heart space, while providing the practical insights to build the inner strength and courage to overcome.

Becoming Fierce is an astonishing revelation of balance, poignancy, and meaning.  Stephanie James has captured beautifully, the essence of universal wisdom and self love.”

 Pauline Nguyen

International Speaker, Award Winning Author, Spiritual Entrepreneur

In Becoming Fierce, Stephanie James brilliantly teaches us how to transform our deepest challenges, grief and pain into the greatest gifts we have to offer to the world. If you have ever longed to find your purpose and true power, this amazing, transformative book will lovingly guide you, step by step, into a bold, beautiful, and deeply meaningful life.” 

--Laura Davis, author of The Courage to Heal and The Burning Light of Two Stars

“In a culture plagued with self-doubt and distraction, Stephanie’s book is a welcome voice gently bringing us back to our true nature. Helping us to redefine what true strength, power and fierceness really is.  Pointing us inward where we can find qualities that we forgot we were endowed with and helping us remember the deep meaning and purpose in our lives that can bring us true joy."

Tarek Mounib, Filmmaker/Producer  Free Trip to Egypt, Founder of Kindness Films

The Film: When Sparks Ignite, now available on The MoreU Channel on Plex Network.  MoreU is host to Jack Canfield, Tracy Nichols, Les Brown,  Brian Tracy and many more!  

When Sparks Ignite is a documentary about how the difficult and challenging times we face, can then become a match point that ignites something amazing inside of us that becomes our gift to the world.  With a cast of 12 international thought leaders, the viewer is taken behind the scenes of a large event to become a listener in the “Lights of the Round Table Discussion” that inspired a life-transforming summit. 

Larry Dossey, Jacob Israel Liberman, Steve Bhaerman, and Sedena Cappannelli are among some of the bright lights that illuminate this film and it’s essential message, 

Your. Healing. Matters. 

As one of us heals we become the pebble in the pond and we radiate those concentric rings of healing out and better help others to heal. 

Trailer available here:

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The Latest Event: Becoming Fierce Women’s Empowerment Retreat -June 24th-26th

There has never been a retreat like this before.

Hosted by Stephanie James with some of the most influential thought leaders, change makers, and wisdom keepers in the world. Natalie Ledwell, Pauline Nguyen, Cynthia James, Sedena Cappannelli, Misa Hopkins, and Dr. Cari Shaefer.

Participants were able to connect at a personal level with leaders coming together to inspire their life, ground them deeply, and take them to the next level of their being. This was an ultimate immersion experience where participants experienced huge transformation, as they released old blocks and negative beliefs to open energy channels that reignited passion, purpose and a sense of inner power within. This phenomenal event expanded the authenticity and  aliveness of the participants and truly allowed them to Become Fierce.

Filmed by an award winning film crew in Estes Park, Colorado, for a seven- part network series, to be released by Plex Network this January. 

As we are inspired, we help inspire other women around the world!


Author, filmmaker, transformation coach and professional speaker, Stephanie James has a new film, a new book,  and an amazing live retreat, all coming out in June.  A dynamic speaker with a powerful message,  she is a fantastic guest to have on your show.