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Mikki StGermain
Your Pitch
Mikki St. Germain has had the opportunity to teach and share her experiences with women all around the world. 
As a Speaker
Through Mikki's seminars, she shares her stories and insight through her own experiences with the goal to inspire and empower women of all ages. With a black belt in Kempo Karate and 20+ years’ experience, she has combined ways to empower women physically and mentally, by forming , Circles of This organization was developed with the intention to help women find and accept their inner power and beauty. Mikki herself is a victim of abuse and bullying. Her passion to create a safe and positive environment for kids and young adults is dear to her heart.
Her first book, “Got Baggage? – Packing for Happiness” is based on her own tough life experiences. From rape and abandonment, along with opinions and mistakes, she holds nothing back, offering a no nonsense approach to dealing with tough situations in a down to earth writing style. Reading her book feels like you’re sharing a private moment with a close friend over a cup of coffee. She is not afraid to talk about her failures and growing experiences. She knows how to take on tough subjects with a humorous twist, and in the end you realize that “Happiness is always a Choice”
Mikki’s second book in the “Got Baggage? Series, Unpacking the Pounds, Overcome the Emotions That Hold You Prisoner to a “Stress” Cake, is filled with her own personal stories and journey on dealing with emotional binge eating. Got Baggage? – Unpacking the Pounds addresses the real issue of why we fall short of our healthy goals with just diet and exercise. Why do we eat when we are stressed? How do we break the habit where food has become the answer to an emotional event? She offers tools and insight to create a healthy lifestyle physically and emotionally with her books and workshops. 
Giving Back
Mikki is a Staff Writer for the SoCal Business Journal. Her column titled “Eating Our Emotions” offers a healthy insight for the reader to learn, grow and make choices that can enhance their lives physically and emotionally. 
Circles of Good is her pride and joy in order to give back to the community. As the founder of this non- profit organization, Circles of is designed to surround kids of all ages with kind words of inspiration. Offering what she calls, a HUG, a way for kidsto embrace their own Happiness, Uniqueness and Genuine selves. Mikki spearheads these circles as Hand in Hand, One by One, Kind Words CAN Make a Difference!! 
Her Passion
Mikki is the Head Coach for the SOC Patriots  Football Team- Midget Division. Her passion for football and working with kids gives her an opportunity to combine inspiration with determination. 
Whether Mikki is speaking, on air or with you in person, her genuine nature of caring, and contagious laughter resonates with you after having the pleasure to connect with her. Mikki's believes each day is an opportunity to give of yourself and one of the greatest gifts you can give…is the gift of inspiration!
“The Most Courageous Thing You Can Do..Is Be Yourself!
...Mikki St. Germain

Mikki St. Germain has had the opportunity to teach and share her experiences with women all around the world. 

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