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Merle Yost
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Author and psychotherapist Merle Yost has summed up the knowledge and insights of 25 years of therapeutic practice in his newest book, Facing the Truth of Your Life, available on Amazon, Kindle, iTunes, Audible, and your local bookstore.

Among the messages that fly in the face of the usual feel-good sentiments of self help books, Yost offers readers real challenges to their belief systems.

  • People download much of what their parents have programmed them with, consciously or unconsciously, over generations. Much of it is no longer useful and is, in fact, destructive for relationships in today’s world.
  • Forgiveness is too often used as a cure all that will make the pain go away. It won’t.
  • Confronting and working through emotional pain is the path to healing and happiness.
  • Outdated religious mores can actually prevent victims from healing.

About the Book

Facing the Truth of Your Life will help the reader reframe their view of themselves and their place in life, creating the space to explore and question what they think they know: in short, to face their real truth. With short life stories, exercises and chapters covering spirituality, being a victim, how to parent healthy children, the many faces of shame and how it complicates all of our relationships, Facing the Truth of Your Life challenges the reader to address many of the things we do to prevent our feelings and keep from knowing ourselves. 

Facing the Truth of Your Life is about walking through your pain. It is about understanding how you became you, how to discard what you were taught about yourself, and how to find out who you really are. 


Merle Yost, LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist in California with over 25 years of experience working with victims of childhood sexual abuse, parents who have lost children, rape survivors, and veterans.


Having spent 19 years in therapy working on his own traumatic past, he has a real understanding of both the pain of loss and extreme abuse, but also what it takes to heal and reclaim a life. 

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