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Linda Deir
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I'm a first-time author and my book, GUIDED, will be available in the fall 2014 on Amazon. GUIDED is my true-life story that follows me from survival as an abused child through my escape as a teenager and into my phenomenal success as a businesswoman in a man’s world by age 19 and beyond. Using my own life as a template, GUIDED is a road map for stepping on board at any point along your life path to join forces with your own spirit guides to create a better life than you could have on your own. Sprinkled throughout the book are 137 universally applicable Tips, Learnings, Lessons, and Awarenesses that I share directly from my life-long relationship with my spirit guides.

To escape the relentless abuse of my mother, I ran away from home at the age of 20 months only to be found miles from home, barefoot and in diapers, running down a busy California expressway. The "Runaway Baby" story can be found in Chapter Two

My story is a true-life story of triumph over extreme adversity. At different times it will tear at your heart, break your heart, make you cry, and also make you smile and laugh. You'll find yourself cheering for an unwanted, unloved and abused little girl who made such an intimate connection with her own Spirit Guide/Guardian Angels that, in 1994, one of them materialized in front of me when I had a Nikon camera in hand. That amazing photograph became the front cover of GUIDED 20 years later. Although GUIDED is a memoir, it reads like a suspense novel, is a Spiritual Connection book and a Self-Help template for those who want to escape a fear-based life.

What readers are saying...

“Unwanted, unloved, and abused , baby Linda had given up on life, let go, and cried out for help. And someone answered her. Not even old enough to understand who they were, these protectors and teachers saved her life, became her best friends, and guided her through unimaginable life challenges.”
Betsy Chasse, Los Angeles, CA

Co-Writer, Producer and Director of “What The Bleep Do We Know?”

“Guided…an incredible, true story, of a young girl who is led by her spirit guides as she struggles to find her place in the world. I found myself cheering for her as she overcomes one adversity after another, and discovers many painful lessons, including the unbelievable revelation of her family’s secret past. Feeling unloved, she repeatedly fails at love, but wins at business, as she is shown the way, in one endeavor after another, by her spirit guides.

Every woman who has suffered the agonizing pain of not being loved, but wishes to overcome the loneliness and hurt, should read this marvelous book. The 137 lessons sprinkled throughout the pages, encourages the reader to understand that it is possible to overcome even the most tragic of life’s circumstances, and find true and lasting happiness.”

Ben Lizardi, Pasadena, CA
President, Lizardi Communications, Inc., Advertising & Marketing

"If you are seeking inspiration from a true-life story on how to overcome adversity and live in spiritual awareness, if you are eager to become wiser in your choices with timely input from source-connected guides, and if you want to live in the bracing truth-filled reality relevant to who you authentically are, then Guided is the book that you must read, underline and reflect upon. For people whose capacity to hope and grow has been diminished by life’s struggles and setbacks, this book should be required reading. Thank you, Linda Deir, for telling your full story and sharing your guided and empowering wisdom – all for the benefit of your readers’ consciousness evolution.”

I believe your listeners would find my story unique and inspiring and the Lessons useful and healing.

Larry J. Rosenberg, Ph.D., retired marketing professor and international business consultant


Having been told by her mother and father she wouldn't amount to anything more than a housewife and mother, at age 19 her guides directed her into a future that included becoming an architectural home designer, a General Contractor, and the co-owner of the largest framing company in Sacramento, CA in the 1970’s. All that would have seemed impossible without any formal training or education, but Linda had a secret weapon, the keen direction and support of her spirit guides. With them on her side guiding her all the way along she discovered that there was nothing she couldn't learn, figure out, do, or have. All she needed to do was step into it. Not only was she able to have it, but have fun doing it. Always having had a burning passion to build things since playing with the blocks every day in kindergarten, she began her construction career.

She started designing and building her own homes, advancing to multiple homes, and then onto developing and building out her own subdivisions, while designing high-end custom homes for private clients. By the age of 21, while also raising a 5-year old daughter, Linda had a weekly payroll of over $30,000 to cover all her construction crews. Her designs were forward-thinking and different from anything available in the market from the large corporate builders. She became the largest and most successful independent female home builder in northern California.

One day at the height of the real estate boom, Linda’s guides told her to sell everything – her personal homes, her subdivision homes, all her spec homes…everything. So, that’s what she did. Three months after she had liquidated everything, the real estate market in California crashed through the floor for three years, wiping out all her former competitors. Then, in 1989, Linda was guided to move to Sedona, Arizona.

In Sedona, she kept up her home design business and also got her real estate broker’s license. Even though both businesses flourished, she was getting nudged by her guides that something bigger was on the horizon. After a trip to Las Vegas in 1994 to attend the Computer Dealers Expo (Comdex), Linda’s inner guidance was telling her that this new thing called the Internet was going to be big. Using funding from her other two businesses, in 1995 she launched Sedona Internet and Sedona Online, Northern Arizona’s first Internet Service Provider (ISP) and hosting company. Both businesses were a success from day one.

Growing the two Internet businesses over the years, she attracted the attention of a buyer for both of them. Once again, her guides told her it was time to sell. So in 1998, at what would proved to be the height of the Internet craze, she sold both companies. A little over a year later the bubble burst, wiping out many companies along with it.

Linda used the next few years to rest, regroup, travel and plan the Channeled Readings, LLC project, which would become her life’s passion. While she realized that she had been able to help many people in the past, she was now on a mission to cast a larger net. Teaching people about the connection they have with their own spirit guide angels would guide them to stop leading fear-based lives and step into their higher purpose here.

In 1994, Linda was told by her guides in a dream, that she would write a book about relationships. Since she was in the middle of her second failing marriage at the time, she thought they must be joking. It was that same year that the most amazing thing that happened to her. One of her own spirit guide angels materialized right in front of Linda when she had a Nikon camera in hand, allowing her to be photographed. That amazing photo became the front cover of GUIDED, Linda’s first book twenty years later. Linda’s Spirit Guide Angel said she materialized so that "the world could believe." The energy in the photograph came through as a gift and message to this world.

Linda has one goal for the rest of her life and that is showing people how to make the connection to the most loving, trusting, honest, and powerful teachers, protectors, best friends and life coaches anyone could ever ask for – your own Spirit Guide Angels. Using her own life as a template, GUIDED is a road map for stepping on board at any point along your life path to join forces with your own spirit guides to create a better life than you could have on your own. Sprinkled throughout the book Linda shares 137 universally applicable Tips, Lessons, and Awarenesses she shares directly from her life-long relationship with her spirit guides.

Linda lives a guided life in Sedona, Arizona with her husband, Ray and their cat, Benny.