Guest Name, Kornelia Stephanie

Kornelia Stephanie
Kornelia Stephanie
Published Author, Speaker, Energy Master, New Earth Ambassador Ascension Guide/ Wayshower, Conscious Creator

Kornelia Stephanie- ­ Founder of Empower Network.

Catalyst for Global Evolution in the 21st Century

Kornelia  is  respected  as  a  leading­ edge  ‘evolutionary’  for  personal  transformation, leadership, and the birthing of the consciousness of the New Human. She is passionate about humanity’s sovereignty, the authority over one's own life as empowered creation.  A multi­ dimensional master, her journey has led her to walk intimately with her shadow, and  in  healing  the  wounds  of  the  past  she  has  embraced  her  divinity.  Her  deep understanding  of  the  relationship  between  her  physical  body  and  that  of  the  primary relationship  with  her  Soul/Source  is  the  foundation of  what  she  teaches  others: embodiment of the Divine in the physical. Kornelia is an author, intuitive mystic, international speaker, a self ­life mastery expert, an ascension guide, and, most importantly, a way­ shower of transformation. Her life's work has been undoing all the old conditioning, old beliefs, and healing her emotional core wounding. Through this work, she achieved self and life mastery. Because of your her own transformation - having emotionally processed the entire Universe though her physical body - she is now out of the way to passionately lead others into themselves. As a Way-shower, her role is to demonstrate how it's done and share the experience along the way. She specializes  in  ‘Emotional  Processing.’  Created  the  ‘Universal Wholeness  Program’  heal thyself and help others establish their own coaching business so that they can offer their gifts by coaching others into unconditional self-love.  Kornelia  regularly organizes and facilitates retreats in and near her home town of La Conner, WA. Check her website for her retreat and events schedule.Kornelia’s  newest  online  creation,  An online membership portal- Creative Light Vibration is  an  innovative  catalyst  to assist  all  to  embody,  through  their  own  experiences,  the  consciousness  of  the  living word.  Speaking our world into being.  Her Divine Purpose is to lovingly engage others, in the most practical ways, “How to live” in the new earth  in harmony with your true divine nature.

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