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Kimberly Webber
Your Pitch

The archetypes have appeared throughout ages in the time-space continuum to assist humanity as guides for navigating personal and planetary evolution. The divine feminine archetypes have been appearing through my contemporary symbolist paintings for the last 24 years and are designed to empower and uplift humanity, our beloved planet and the cosmos. 

Painter, planetary and intergalactic LOVE activator

Kimberly Webber’s oil paintings are created with a fusion of classic Asian and European Renaissance painting techniques. The process is an alchemical blending of Eastern and Western materials and concepts. The artist is utilizing sheer layers of pure powdered earth pigments including lapis, malachite, mica, gold and iron oxide to produce translucent, light responsive surfaces. The paintings are intricate and multi-dimensional with as many as 70 to 100 layers per work. Kimberly has been painting since she was 3 years old and and received formal training both in the US and in Italy. Solo exhibitions include New York City, Los Angeles, Carmel and San Diego California, Texas, Florida, Minnesota, the Middle East and Europe. Pomegranate Fine Art Publishers, Editorial Elefthería/Barcelona and Fresco Fine Art publish the work. It is the artist’s intention to create and offer sacred art that empowers the viewer and the planet.

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New Mexico