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John W Ratcliff
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I have been interviewed on a few podcasts in the past.  I am available to talk about the following topics:

* Bitcoin : I am somewhat of an expert in this topic, and I am able to explain it in a way the general listener can understand.  I have written bitcoin software and been an investor for several years.  I have been a moderator of several popular bitcoin forums and written numerous articles on the topic.

* Freemasonry : I am twice past master of two Freemason lodges and have been an active Freemason for over ten years.  While I hold no particular expertise on the topic, I can speak about how Freemasonry is practiced today in the United States based on my own real world experience.  I think very highly of the institution and am willing to discuss some of the myths and missconeceptions about the organization.

* Paranormal / Philosphy : While no expert, I have studied the subject for much of my life.  I have drawn no specific conclusions other than to realize that every human being has a unique experience that is deeply personal to themselves and their expereinces need not be ridiculed or minimized.  

* Mormonism, Scientology, and Jehovah's Witnesses : I have been interested in religious belief my entire life, and I am particularily fascinated by religions with strong cult like aspects.  I am always trying to understand 'why people believe the things that they do', with a particular focus on religious cults which ensare and enslave people.

* The Game Industry : I have been a veteran of the video game industry for almost 35 years, having worked for a number of companies and publlished numerous games, including several best sellers.  

Software engineer, game developer

I have been a veteran of the game industry for the past 35 years, having written several best selling computer games and worked with a number of major game publishers.  

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