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Joel Ayala Ayapana
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When we are to find ourselves walking through the portal ways of our hearts... or perhaps in even peeking through those same doorways of Sacred Space of which lead to the Limitless Expanse of Universal Source... of Infinite Love... Wisdom... Beauty... and of Creation - The Unified Field of Consciousness and Potentiality - TRUTH becomes then the treasure to each and every explorer of whom is courageous enough to seek. The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart, written by Joel Ayala Ayapana, is exactly that very tool, a blueprint or template, that brings to the very reader an example of which can be followed to the fullest to the very road that will lead them further to a magical and miraculous world of Alchemy, Synchronicity, the Creative Forces of Manifestation, Sacred Geometry, and of Ancient Wisdom. The Book of Positive Light reminds readers to remember the legitimate and authentic nature of their GREATNESS through the opening of their Beautiful and Sacred Hearts. 





"The Book of Positive Light is a journeyman's guide to grasping the import of acquiring the inner light. Many of us understand the necessity to grow and evolve spiritually, but because of today's overly objective cultural snags, we often settle for intellectual enlightenment that with time may leave us empty. Joel's approach - through the instrument of his daily journal - is to take a good look at himself, and through subsequent interaction with those whom he loves, to forget himself immersing in the joys and sorrows of other lives. Compassion is key. Enlightenment is a common theme in many countercultural and otherwise wisdom-inspired publications, and Joel Ayapana simply possesses something to offer here as a message for the thoughtful reader and the seeker from within this regard." 



-DOUGLAS ROSS HAMILTON - Author of his most recent work - Star Mounds: Legacy of a Native American Mystery






“Through powerful journal entries the author has allowed the expansiveness of spirit to flow through him as he frames his journey in The Book of Positive Light. Honoring the diversity of spiritual traditions and universal truths he graciously opens himself, as he teaches and is willing to be taught, 



he uncovers the healer within!”
-AMELIA KEMP, PH.D., LMHC - Author of… From Psychotherapy to 



Sacretherapy® - Alternative Holistic Descriptions & ​Healing Processes for 170 Mental & Emotional Diagnoses Worldwide



“Joel Ayapana, a psychiatric nurse for over ten years, found out by himself what most of his patients already knew: Darkness lies within. On the journey across the desolated landscape of his own hell, he also came to experience another Truth: Light also lies from within." 



-SYL R. MARTIN - Director & Chief Editor of Wonderlance Magazine and the WONDERLANCER






“Undertaking this literary work was no easy task. The journey of transformation and the soul work involved is deeply personal, but must be preserved to convey the traveler's passage from one place to another. This author's work is intuitive and calls upon the heart and the voices from within it to seek out a genuine and legitimate life. He shares his experiences in such an accessible way, using nature, relationships, and his own personal practices to engage the reader with profound questions and personal struggles. Ayapana shares his fears, his joys, his failures, and his achievements as a means to inspire you to take on the same journey of self exploration to finding happier and more blissful shores. Pack your bags, dear reader, and set your feet grounded upon the path towards enlightenment and new beginnings."



-JENNIFER SWARTZ - Co-Editor for The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart






"The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart is a poetic and insightful journal, and a journey. It is not only Joel Ayapana’s personal transcript of transformation, but from the entries channeled through his heart it becomes the reader’s journey of transformation as well. Each reader will find inspiration and solace throughout the book and upon their probable return to reread, will likely be drawn back by yet another different entry that calls upon their spirit. Joel radiates a warmth that can only come from the heart, an example of what we all can be if we bring forth and create from our source of compassion, unity, and love." 



-SAGE SATORI - CEO and Chief Editor for Northcoast Voice Magazine






"This book, The Book of Positive Light, Remembrance of the Heart, truly is a journal of rediscovery to Self. The book allows us to reflect on various aspects of our lives regardless of what type of spirituality or religion we practice or follow. The author created this work, a diary of his channelings of inspiration. There are 363 days of gems awaiting for our read… just for us. And as part of my morning ritual, I read one of his daily excerpts. It's amazing how in each morning it's the right message for 



me - It is exactly what I needed to hear for that day. I then carry that message throughout my day. It's almost like the author along with the Universe had divinely orchestrated this particular message to leading and guiding me to the next step. The excerpts are not long. They range from a few lines to a page which makes it easier for us to incorporate the very message of inspiration into our lives. With many of us having busy lives, sometimes we need to pause, breathe and read a passage which can bring us back on track and to align us back with Source. The book has snippets of spiritual awakenings, interwoven with the messages. As you read and inquire within, into your own inner divinity, your soul expands, and from this you can bring more balance and joy into your life! Gift yourself this wonderful tool of inspiration and healing. Namaste."
-TINA SACCHI - Holistic & Spiritual Author of "My Spirit is Not Religious: A Guide to Living Your Authentic Life"








New Book, The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart, Written by Joel Ayala Ayapana RN, BSN, BA, Chronicles His Amazing Story of Self Rediscovery



"When one is able to repeatedly step into the Heartened Space of genuine and heightened awareness, miracles manifest, conscious evolution becomes inevitable, and the revelations to one's spirit becomes revolutionary within the simplicity of its own essence. Awakening then becomes of it to where the destination of such a path, when one has answered to the Calling, unfolds to reveal the ripening of One's Universal Truths." (Joel A. Ayapana)








"The front cover of this book is a calming and exquisite photograph of my dear and wonderful friend, Mai-Kim Dang, and her adorable infant daughter during the month of February in the cold winter months, leading into the Spring Equinox of 2012. This image was taken at the peak of the well-renowned vista near the head of The Great Serpent Mound of Adams County, Ohio. I was, indeed, blessed and endearingly so fortunate to capture this magical moment between mother and daughter as it truly exemplifies the symbolism of our New World to come - The Birth of a New Earth and the relinquishing of the Heightened Energies of the Divine Feminine. A week or so prior to the taking of this photograph, I was called to such a place by The Great Spirit through three dreams, synchronistically and divinely placed, which took over my psyche from one night to the very next - three nights straight. From that year, the greatened opened space from its backdrop of a less-harshened winter, provided a well-adorned peace, not only upon its landscape, but within that sacred space of my own heart that can still be felt along the concord of outlying farms dotting the pristine beauty of its hillside of free-flowing green from Brush Creek, located just below its precipice. Later within that year, as many months had transitioned into the next, I began to acknowledge the reasons of why I was strongly compelled to travel to the very wonder and alchemy of this sacred of most sites. I became an initiate to the mystery schools of the next higher planes of what was required to transpire - a taste to the beginning stages to the Mastery of Sacred Creation and Manifestation." (Joel A. Ayapana)








The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart, written by Joel Ayala Ayapana, is an endearing and inspiring book, which shall be celebrated for many years on end. It is a heart-felt 363 day journal and memoir, covering a time of rediscovery within Joel Ayapana’s life, between 2008 and 2013. It begins by chronicling the end of his karmic struggles when he stumbles across a magazine article, one late night shift as a nurse. This article bore the panoramic glory of Machu Picchu, Peru, which sparks remarkable change from within him because of its wonder and splendor. Through journal writing, positive thinking, and meditation, he begins to acknowledge the value of his new life when he allows himself to contently listen from within the calming beat of his existence as he learns to alchemically manifest the creation of miracles, attract the fruits of heightened consciousness, and in tapping into that Universal Connection... by actively living within the makings of an Enlightened Heart. 



As he builds enough momentum in surpassing that threshold of Enlightenment from the heightened energies that he begins to persistently exude, Synchronicity then guides him four years later to September 2012, to that heightened perspective from throughout those same Andean mountain peaks. This significant time of the Fall Equinox, just before the anticipated Mayan date of December 21st, 2012, had proven to be one of the most enlightening of moments within those five years of his life. One would think that the series of days which would transpire during this pilgrimage trip would be the “tell-all tale” in revelation, but such an ending, rather, should only be so predictable. What transpires in the ending of this book, becomes the completing capstone to the magic and miracle of this endearing journey of Awakening and Truth: The Conclusion of this book is the capstone of what this book is TRULY all about... Reading into the very blueprint of your own Divine Triangle. For me... the purpose of my life within this life (My Divine Triangle) was truly written in the stars to acting in the same exact manner within the footsteps of Yeshua, Buddha, and Krishna... in allowing for all others to see and to become more aware that Christ Consciousness did not only reside from within one individual such as these previously said Divine Prophets, but in that it resides, lives, and thrives from within all of us. The so-called Second Coming of Christ or Christ Consciousness will not return as one man but in the many... in all of Humanity. 



The book is essentially a 363 day-by-day journal and memoir that chronicles many memorable days in the life of Joel Ayala Ayapana between 2009-2013. Each journal entry is written in the form of either creative writing pieces, short stories, short blurbs, poetry, and Nanette's. And they are all entries for which have been retrieved as a wisdom pulled from the very doorways and portal ways of my heart, shortly after a meditation, a prayer, or even a beautiful and memorable experience. 








"From this daily practice... I had found from experience that when you read, write, and live from the heart, we receive exactly just that in reciprocity. It's the Law of Attraction. And not only is it reciprocal... but it is Karmic in fashion as well." (Joel A. Ayapana)



"During that trying period within my life, between 2008-2013, shortly after my divorce of 4 years of my first marriage... I became extremely fed up with being overweight... feeling anxious, depressed, and lonely... and so then I decided (from within myself) to CHANGE every aspect of my life. I performed, felt, and understood the normal every-day-to-day things in life entirely from its polar opposite! If I desired not to do a particular something... I did it anyway. If I desired to eat the junk food... I ate the healthy instead... and before you knew it... between the 17th and 23rd day (as many experts had made mention of) I began to create a HABIT!!! My thinking changed... My behaviors changed... The people in my life either changed along with me or they just merely sloughed off my very existence. You see: They could no longer resonate within the heightened energies that was repetitiously exuding magnificently from within myself. And because of this higher frequency of things that just vibrated from within me through... Positive Thinking... Journal Writing (My Book)... Meditation... Running... Drum Circles... Positive Affirmations... Kundalini Yoga... Weight Lifting... visiting sacred ancient sites, such as Machu Picchu, (Peru) Chichen Itza (Mexico) Sedona (Arizona) and the Great Serpent Mound (Adams County, Ohio)... and along merely with the intentions (alone) with PUBLISHING THIS BOOK... I started to attract the same people, places, things, and the most amazing experiences within and to my life, inside and out." (Joel A. Ayapana)








This book brings together the worlds of Quantum Theory through the Observer Effect, Philosophy, The Power of Experience and Inspiration, and Spirituality. 



Some of the philosophical and spiritual constructs that I had found throughout the creation of my channeled writings, again, retrieved through the makings of my heart and into Source... this Unified Field... the Universe... and/or this so called DIVINE (per say)... are of the following:



1. The Power of the Observer Affect according to Quantum Theory



2. Be non-reactive towards the negative intonations of the surrounding landscape and instead feed into the positive flame. 


3. The Awareness and Power of SELF. The answer lies from within. 


4. Acceptance, Release, and Forgiveness


5. Humanity's truest purpose: to THRIVE


6. The Power of LOVE and in the Significance and Sciences of the HEART. 


7. The valid existence of Albert Einstein's Unified Field


8. The 7 Stages of Alchemy


9. Short Story. The Miracle at the Finish Line of my First Full Marathon Run (26 miles)


10. Short Story. My Three Dreams at The Great Serpent Mound (Adams County, Ohio)


11. Short Story. Alone during New Years Eve at Times Square, New York


12. The Coming Age of the Divine Feminine


13. Sacred Geometry: The significance of The Tree of Life and The Flower of Life  


14. Freeing yourself PRISONER


15. Synchronicity


16. My Love Letter to My New Wife after I had met her at a drum circle off of Lake Erie


17. The Hermetic Laws of "As Above then so shall it be BELOW"


18. The whole entire month of September dedicated to journal writings which chronicled the spiritual awesomeness of my pilgrimage trip out to Machu Picchu Peru in September 2012 for the Autumn Equinox... just before December 21st, 2012


19. The only way to CHANGE and HEAL the world... is by changing yourself (first) from WITHIN. 


20. The Power of not saying "I am going to" or perhaps "I promise to you in the future" but to say instead... I AM... within the present. I AM Healed. I AM Safe. I AM Healthy... in the NOW. Be careful of the words you say and select. It carries a POWER... for the UNIVERSE grants you exactly what you request. So be clear in your wishes. 


21. Unity & Connection. The illusion is from within our SEPARATENESS


22. Variable Topics on Spirituality: Numerology... The Ascended Masters. The God & Goddess within us all. Christ Consciousness. Pythagorus. The Divine Triangle. Mother Gaia. ARCHANGELS. Earthen Angels. The Ankh. The Light Worker in YOU. Revelation through Revolution. The Laws of Life, Universe, and God. 







To learn more about Joel Ayala Ayapana and his endearing work, PLEASE CLICK on the following LINKS: 



The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart by Joel A. Ayapana 
Quantum Mindfulness Radio with Joel Ayala Ayapana RN, BSN, BA 




To read the intriguing in-depth Author Interview of Joel Ayapana by Syl R. Martin and Wonderlance Magazine...








Inspirational Author Joel Ayapana Living the Example - The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart By Sage Satori



October 22, 2014



The Stand ~ If each to kindle a candle, imagine the wildfires we create. 



The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart is a poetic and insightful journal, and a journey. It is not only Joel Ayapana’s personal transcript of transformation, but from the entries channeled through his heart it becomes the reader’s journey of transformation as well.



Beginning on Day 1: October 1, 2011, with total heartfelt insight, daily entries carry the reader through many life events including the Bucket List affirmation, a marathon race, the meeting and marriage to Joel’s “twin flame” Tiffany, and travels to several sacred places such as Machu Picchu, Peru.



Each reader will find inspiration and solace throughout the book and upon their probable return to reread, will likely be drawn back by yet another different entry that calls upon their spirit. The following excerpt drew my attention the first time my eyes met the pages:



“When we fall into the snare of a negative mindset, our truest blessings are repressed from manifesting into full fruition. Through this submission to the negativity that can often plague our psyche, we simply hinder the authority of love and, therefore, diminish the course of every potential and probable miracle, magic, and creation to manifest.”



The journal entries stop on Day 363: September 27, 2012. Thereafter is a conclusion and Joel’s interview with Wonderlance Magazine, which offers further understanding of The Book of Positive Light.



About the Author:



Joel Ayala Ayapana is a Veteran of the United States Air Force, between the years of 1991 to 1996, during Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield, for which he had been assigned to both Iraklion Air Station in Crete, Greece and to Travis Air Force Base, California, during the length of those four years. He is an Honors Graduate of Cleveland State University in 2000 and in 2002, where he had completed two Undergraduate Degrees in Psychology and in Nursing.
Joel has been practicing within the specialized nursing field of Behavioral Health as a Registered Nurse for nearly eleven years. He has operated amongst variable hospital environments within behavioral health homecare, Dual Diagnosis and Detoxifi cation, the psychiatric emergency room setting, Veteran case management, and in inpatient psychiatry where he is humbly and currently working as a charge nurse on a Behavioral Health Dual Diagnosis Unit in Northeastern Ohio. His inspirational work through the application and instruction of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Positive Thinking, and Heart Science towards vast and widening socioeconomic scope of the mentally ill, the homeless, victims of substance abuse, anxiety disorders, and depression, has earned him several awards and recognitions within the field of nursing. 



Additionally, he has received initiations and blessings from a number of prominent spiritual teachers. He is a Reiki specialist, a Kundalini Yoga enthusiast, a Light Worker, numerologist, a philosopher, an author, traveler, and marathon runner. He is a loving husband, father and a son, a friend and an inspiration, a Seeker of Truths, and an Awakener of Hearts. Additionally, Joel Ayala Ayapana is the Host of his NEW online Radio Talk Show, Quantum Mindfulness Radio, which broadcasts every other Monday, 8pm Pacific/11pm Eastern Standard Time, ONLY on the BBS Radio Network. You can visit the following website to listen to this intriguing and inspiring Broadcast: 



North Coast Voice had the privilege of speaking with Joel and were not surprised to receive such enlightening responses.

North Coast Voice:



Would it be a correct statement to say that The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart is not only a journal of rediscovery but also a journey within a journey?





Wow, such a wonderful question! I had to sit there for a second and think, but in actuality, as I had sent myself back in memory to the many times that I had taken myself to the deepened layers of my inner being, I began to realize the extreme complexity of it all when I analyzed the question thoroughly through thought. But later when I approached this same question through the heart, I then realized its simplicity.


This book, a collection of manifested creation and even of channeled wisdom, is most certainly a journey within a journey that then multiplies and branches further into other emotional and spiritual awakenings and revelations. And as one revealing doorway to the very next had opened up for me, that uncovered even more too; not only the many discoveries of self, but to the REDISCOVERIES of self, I then acknowledged the clarity of this amazing paradox. Simplicity. Clearing the slate of all of the head clutter that had been building up from the societal conditioning of sorts and in perceiving the very world, people, events, and things from all around me in such an egocentric and fearful manner, was exactly what was deemed the answer for me.



How easy was it for me to feed into the illusion, and anyone else for that matter? But in the now, from reaching a more heightened conscious state of self, I am more aware and willing to utilize the power that I truly possess from within - the capacity to manifest anything from the limitless menu of potentiality. We must feel and experience the beauty of Acceptance. We must believe in the joys of Release. We must know of the worthiness that we ultimately possess within the act of Forgiveness. The journey is love. So essentially what is the true and underlying riddle: the answer or the question?






On July 2nd 2012 the entry reads “Dreaming with Enormity” and the beautiful inspiring words that follow; “Strive to persistently live with an excitement about life as if something kind of wonderful was about to transpire next. This is when the magic begins to reveal itself true.” This undoubtedly proves itself as your life unfolds after the entry and after the book. Do you post that as a reminder for days when you may be feeling less positive?





Of course, you would have to. After coming from a state of UNKNOWING to now many stages later to PARTICIPATIVE KNOWING, according to Diane Collin’s book - Do You Quantum Think? - You must take the initiative and take the responsibility to acknowledge the joy. Happiness is a choice. It is not given to you. Perception is the Key. It is the one element to Alchemy that penetrates through the deepened layers of the illusion.





You speak of Sacred Geometry; how do you incorporate that into your life?





Sacred Geometry is everywhere. Not only is it found within the numbers in sequence to a particular order as sort of a template or blueprint to things but it is purely Divine. If you should so desire the technicalities of it all - it is the Fibonacci Sequence of things that can be seen in all of life... for God is in all things. Life, as you shall see the patterns in all things as it develops and unfolds, is like an unfolding fl ower that portrays the Beauty, the Simplicity, and of the many mysteries of God. And when we think and feel in that way, it essentially becomes the golden and powerful way of observing and perceiving life. How we observe life is very important. Observation is creation.





In regards to your mention of memory of our common roots, why do you think humanity as a whole has such a difficult time uniting or re-uniting? Today and throughout history greed, hatred, and war, at least on the earth plane, just repeats over and over with very few signs


of change. Keeping in mind that for all that is good there is an opposite, can there ever be a remembrance of the heart for those with ill intent? Perhaps soul evolution is where our unity ultimately lies?



The earthly plane is a school. It is a teaching and learning ground. How are we to think that we can only hold one life and only this single life for all of eternity? How such an extremist of a thought is this? But in actuality, we have had many lives - many hundreds of lives. The soul is infinite. Why we had forgotten, along the many roles and archetypes assumed along the path, is the amnesia of things that was incorporated, intentionally, into the earthly plane as a tool that was integrated into this learning process of life on Earth. For what we have found ourselves to be as spiritual beings in experiencing this human role, as participants within this process, for the very reasons related to the Divine and Ultimate Design of our evolutionary process. The elevation of Spirit is the choice that we all made before we were to manifest here upon Earth. If this amnesia had never existed, how are we to learn of anything if we were to know of everything? Once we become aware that with every obstacle that comes our way is a lesson that must be consumed and overcome with triumph - otherwise we are to repeat that very lesson that


is indeed required to learn its meaning.
Humanity is in the stages of this learning process, once more, as we are returning back to the paradigm shift of our times - the cycles from amongst the ages. We are again returning back to the heart, away from the consciousness of the egocentric fi eld of being. We are returning back to the olden ways of the Divine Feminine and that is a challenge for the growing numbers of people who are awakened and aware. The challenge lies in the creativity that exudes from within those of whom have volunteered, when the time is right and of the essence, to the assist with this awakening of our fellow man and woman. The time shall finally come to pass when all of our Truths are realized. We will then have peaked past the walls of our threshold and into the spark of triggering critical mass - to an awareness of a revealing Divine and Global Consciousness. Humanity exists today within the now of its confusion amongst the masses - for the same main reasons of why we have all subconsciously anticipated the rise of exponential growth in awareness to the elevation of consciousness of our Awakening Hearts. And this new heightened awareness severely conflicts to the olden ways of our defensive and egocentric mind. Many of us have not awakened just yet. It is a process. Many still live within the Ego.



The shortest journey of only a shortened 12-18 inches apart can also be the most diffi cult, if one is left unaware... and many of us are just living their lives totally unaware. We must essentially live from within the heart in utilizing the key elements of the Newest Energies of Christ Consciousness to approaching life in many more differing realms of potentiality and in the most promising of ways in approach. And when we do so, we shall then see and experience the many changes to our truest sense of possibility. How do I know of this? Well, I don’t know of this. I feel. We must all feel, once again. That is the ultimate meaning to the returning of the Sacred Divine Feminine to all of our Consciousness as a whole. For those of ill intent, well, there is always the potentiality for such, to returning back to what they were always meant.



Again, we must be creative in assisting the lost from within the process of this self-realization. But always remember this - It takes the collaboration of two at times. We must unravel the focus of such ill-fated souls from the very chains of such so-called Mind Control. We cannot know of the Light, unless we truly know of the Darkness - the Darkness from within us all. We must set ourselves Free.



And yes, unity is derived from this soul evolution. Once we are to all evolve together in tandem, we shift literally into another paradigm of existence. Emphasis is placed dearly upon our togetherness - in Unity Consciousness.






You are giving an inspiring talk titled The Awakening Heart, on Saturday, November 1st at Quail Hollow Resort in Concord, tell the readers a little about the content of the talk; a teaser of sorts.





This talk on the Awakening Heart Series is something that we have always known. THE INFORMATION IS EMPOWERING. All that I am doing as my specific role within the process of Awakening is providing that guidance for you to remember the greatness that we all possess from within. It is truly and ultimately simple but intriguing at the same time. The message thereby lies from within what is essentially the meeting of Worlds of differing realities of what are truly polar opposites - the simple and the very complex. It is the meeting of awareness between heart and mind. But when we have realized this, we shall then know of that spark - the very spark that will trigger and activate the many portions of ourselves into our truest sense of being: Truth, Love, and Legitimacy. We all have greatness within us and it ultimately lies from the knowing of feeling - that very feeling that we can access thoroughly through the portals of our hearts to Source and into the Unified Field - Global and Universal Consciousness. We are entering upon the cusp of a brightened and brilliant new day - Heaven blessed so dearly... upon the infantile stages of a heightened “New Earth.”


Near the end of The Book of Positive Light is Joel’s bucket list (again) which included; writing a book and self-publishing it, Machu Picchu, Peru, crossing the finish line of a full marathon race, Times Square on New Year’s Eve and Sedona, Arizona. All entries are checked off (and shared within the pages of the book) except number 11 - Living the Example and Being an Inspiration to Others.



The book, the inspirational talks, and the radio show are definitely an inspiration to many and there’s no doubt the numbers will continue grow. In person and in phone conversation Joel radiates a warmth that can only come from the heart, an example of what we all can be if we bring forth and create from our source of compassion, unity, and love.






The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart was written by Joel Ayala Ayapana, Host of Quantum Mindfulness Radio


To Purchase The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart... PLEASE CLICK on the following LINK:



Since the very moment of his own Awakening, of 2009, when he had come into the realization of his own Truths whilst experiencing Times Square New Years Eve within the seclusive nature of his own lonesome without anyone near nor dear to experience such magic, Joel Ayala Ayapana had come to face Enlightenment. This Enlightenment of sorts, though, was not the usual false sense of a smoothened transition that had easily taken him to Spiritual Salvation and Revelation, but rather it became to be a more DESTRUCTIVE process or, perhaps, of a more heightened and altruistic sense of realization that tore, diminished, and ravaged the very world that he had always known to be. From amidst the surrounding abyss that he had found himself, far from the Light that was seen from the distance from the very 'hole" of which was dug from what had seemed to be an eternity since the first shoveling of such dirt, Joel then began to see another light - the LIGHT FROM within. And since that moment, he had begun to realize that from what he had been in search of, from all this time, was none far furthered from arms reach. 



Essentially, what he had always known, learned, and had been conditioned to believe, was encouraged for him (by Spirit) to forget. This was the ILLUSION or, perhaps, the DELUSION, per say. For the very wisdom and the very acknowledgements that he was about to encounter for the next many years to come... are essentially the very Truths for which he had always been in search of, but within the form of the unexpected - The Manifestation of His Dreams - when Joel allowed for the makings of his HEART to taking over within every aspect of his life. He allowed for himself to ultimately FORGIVE: to forgiving in the others of whom have betrayed him... in the actual forgiving of the world and in how he had once felt the world had perceived him... and in the forgiveness of SELF. 



And once he had made this determination and in the choice to following his dear Heart, Synchronicity, Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, and of the several Dear and Heavenly Archangels became his dear friends to true and legitimate Salvation to Christ Consciousness. Along this process of Transformative Change, Joel Ayala Ayapana has experienced the Wonder, Excitement, and Magic of a Journeyman's Life, a trailblazer of sorts, whilst being called to and in thus travailing to such heightened and most destined of Sacred and most Ancient of Sites to: 



- Bell and Cathedral Rock, Sedona (Northern Arizona)



- The Hopi Mesas (Northern Arizona)


- The Grande Canyon: West and South Rim (Arizona) 


- The Muir Woods (Northern California)


- Hawk Hill, San Francisco (Nothern California)  


- The Great Serpent Mound of Adams County, Ohio 


- Saqsayhuaman, Cuzco (Peru)


- The Temple of the Uterus, Killarumiyoq (Peru)


- El Moray and The Sacred Valley (Peru)


- Pisac (Peru)


- Ollantaytambo, (Peru) 
- Machu Picchu, (Peru) 


- Tulum, Coba (Mexico) 


- Chichen Itza, Quintana Roo (Mexico)  


Along this journey of Self-Rediscovery, Joel has written The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart, an inspiring and wisdom-filled memoir and 363-day journal. 



This inspiring memoir... written in the celebration of triumph for the seemingly relevant and evolving years of revelation, acquired between 2009 to 2013, was essentially built along the framework of a 363-day journal of channeled wisdom, written by Joel Ayala Ayapana. During the Autumn Equinox of 2012 on the spirited path of interconnecting hills, dips, and climbs to the road leading to the long-anticipated pilgrimmage trip and of an "internal calling" to Macchu Pichu, Peru was one - deemed a journey filled with Self-Serving Truths and Ancient-Premordial Mystery.



This beautifully arranged book of inspiring imagery, Sacred Geometry, and symbolism is also an artistically crafted work of Short Stories, Traditional American Poetry, Nonet's, Haiku, Prayers, Mantra's, and of a collaborative collection of Creative Short-Story Writing that were utilized as the innovative outlets to the many inspiring messages retrieved from Source by means through the portal ways of His Heart. And such chanelled messages had been gifted to him, one by one along with the many Synchronicities that have come to pass, shortly after a resounding intention or perhaps from among the many acts of higher vibration and of frequency had been expressed: Acts of Kindness, Meditation, Prayer, the Remembrance of Exulting Memories, Memories of Triumph, the Acknowledgement of True and Ultimate Beauty Realized from Within, the Acquirement of Heightened Vibration through Intuition, the Magic of Synchronistic Events Experienced, and the Love that is ultimately observed and recognized when Joel Ayala Ayapana had finally realized his place and mission upon the landscape of this Earthly Plane - Mother Gaia.



The Book of Positive Light... chronicles his amazing journey of Synchronicity, Alchemy, and Manifestation... as he is Divinely led by Spirit to the ultimate meaning of his life - The 33/6 Vibration: The Upholding of the Sacred Divine Flame of Christ Consciousness. Along this wondrous and amazing trek, once he had grown increasingly aware to the this so-called "Calling" that had been presented before him from the relentless barrage of "1111" energy that often came to greet him in the repetitious form of sequential numbers, he is greeted along the path with other Heavenly-Felt and Desired Energies of what has been known to be true in symbolism through Sacred Geometry. These Energies and of their Stories, in the form of the Sacred Masters, of Pure and of Heightened Vibration have also been told through the other many forms of communication in one one way, shape, fashion or form by the many invariable Holy Texts known to be true and long to being believed as "Sacred" throughout the Spiritually Conscious World - The 24 Elders. And, indeed, this message, dearly delivered by "The Masters" was dearly received as three significantly profound dreams.



In the process... of this spiritually-enhanced metamorphical change, whilst receiving with opened arms the invitation by The Divine and Holy Masters, to assuming a designated place as an Initiate to The Mystery Schools of Pythagorus, Joel begins to acknowledge the blueprint or shall we say, this Divine Template, within the Illusion of the Matrix. When the day had finally arrived when this Searcher of Truths had finally been encouraged with enough Motivation and of Inspirational Strength to follow his HEART, Joel then finds himself at the very foot of that same and ancient sacred space, from amidst where the subliminal and subconscious in stature was received in the form of messages in dream-like fashion. From what Wonder and Magic was required the specified decoding of such said TRUTHS from within the "Message of the Mound" - retrieved from the sequential revelations of these dreams - Joel knew from within himself that he had to journey to "The Great Serpent Mound of Adams County, Ohio" to receive this initiatory Blessing. From that very moment from what had been relegated to him in revelry at that ancient and most sacred of sites of that same year, begins the newest and most adventurous chapter of his life in - not only acknowledging "The Secrets of Creation" and of "Manifestation" - but lies within in the actual "living" of this TRUTH... in the actual upholding of this philosophical construct of a participatory knowing... into practice.



The messages... that had been expressed from the words drawn from his Heart (This Book) - Now - had become the instrument to the promulgation of CREATION to all that had ben engraved from within the inner makings of his heart. Within time, this Soul of an Inspiration began to make manifest the bulk of his dreams from the utilization of "This Book" as a template of sorts... for all the others (of whom have been Called) to witness as a Truth or a blueprint that can be duplicated in strength by their own whim... if only the reader should so be courageous enough to follow such a Path of Enligthtenment. In the unanticipated "Conclusion" of this book, he is given an additional message of validation, as he and his wife, Tiffany, had witnessed before their very own eyes - a Miracle - elaborately inscribed within the brightened blue Mayan Skies of the Yucatan during their Honeymoon Excursion in Mexico 2013. This, in itself, had revealed to the Author, a TRUTH that was clearly inscribed within the Sacred Geometry of his own spiritual Blueprint - The Divine Triangle.




Joel Ayala Ayapana is a Veteran of the United States Air Force. He has been practicing within the specialized nursing field of Behavioral Health as a Registered Nurse for nearly eleven years within the Cleveland, Ohio region. His inspirational work through the application and instruction of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Quantum Mechanics, and Heart-Centered Research Based Science towards populations among vast and widening socioeconomic scope, the mentally ill, the homeless, victims of substance abuse, anxiety disorders, and depression has earned him several awards and recognitions within the field of nursing. Additionally, throughout all of his spiritual travels, he has received initiations and blessings from a number of prominent spiritual teachers, including Reiki Master Judy McCracken, Anrita Melchizedek, Solara Anra, Shaman Steve Spooner, Kundalini Yoga Guru Gurmuk Kaur Khalsa, Incan Quero Priest and Shaman Lorenzo Quispe, Author and World Traveler Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, Healer and World Traveler Raphael Greissmeyer, Incan Mystery School Initiate Willaru Huayta, and Theta Healer Expert Jennifer Klarfeld. He is a motivational speaker, a Reiki practitioner, a Kundalini Yoga enthusiast, a Light Worker, numerologist, a philosopher, an alchemist, author, traveler, marathon runner, and an online Radio Talk Show Host at BBS Radio. He is a loving husband, father and a son, a friend and an inspiration, a Seeker of Truths, and an Awakener of Hearts.






Joel Ayala Ayapana... is not only... the Author of his newly released book - The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart - and writer for many magazines, including The Nursing Advisor Magazine, Northcoast Voice Magazine, and the Wonderlancer, but he is also a Visionary and a Spiritual Leader of his newly discovered Ministry, The Flower of Life Ministries. Additionally, he is a marathon runner, a motivational speaker, a Reiki Therapist, a Kundalini Yoga enthusiast, Healer, an Awakener of Hearts, and the Host of his NEW online Radio Talk Show:





Quantum Mindfulness Radio on the BBS Radio Network 



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The initial intention of this one-hour online radio talk show was meant to focus and embrace upon the essence of Quantum Mindfulness, a term that I have coined as a state of awareness that can be utilized as the tools, the shielding, and the armor of resilience - where the theoretical constructs and to where the most profound and amazing of findings discovered by the variable schools of Quantum Theory are integrated with Heart-Centered Research Based Science, NLP, DBT, Perceptual Modification, and in Active Participative Knowing. But as I began to learn from the basic elements of the book that I had just recently published, The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart, and as I began to slowly re-read the inspiration of its spiritually channeled pages, I began to evolve in Spirit through an understanding of Self. And as I began to evolve, the talk show had also gradually evolved the same in heightening awareness and in potentiality as it was being observed at a much broadened sense of how I had viewed my internal environment.





As a Registered Nurse, I have utilized many elements of this philosophy and approach and along with the many other learned experiences that I have acquired along this journey from the many spirited and wisdom-filled souls that I have encountered from countless numbers of fascinating conversations. And I have done so, within my practice, in coordination with the application of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in 1:1 Patient Interventional Therapy and in Group Therapy Sessions on several Psychiatry Units throughout my integrative and holistic career as a nurse. This, alone, has greatly allowed for me to, not only heal myself in many ways, but it has also allowed for me to assist my clients along the road to recovery from addiction, an improved understanding to perceptual modification, the utilization of heightened forms of spiritual and emotional coping from anxiety, stress, and depression, resilience-building techniques, self-empowerment, heart-centered consciousness and coherence, and in initiating the change agent process to Unity Consciousness and Global Awareness. On the other hand, as a newly acclaimed public speaker, I have also presented my findings from the miraculous and inspiring effectiveness of this particular approach collaboratively with my own life experiences throughout several speaking events in Northeastern Ohio.





Now, as furthered evolution has enveloped the content matter of this show to other deepening layers of multi-dimensionality, the theme of this one hour broadcast, additionally, lies within the intention to integrating the many facets of the human experience with interviews and of personalized accounts explained by some of the most compelling and of inspirational guests invited to the show - of motivational speakers, experts, song writers, singers, musicians, authors, actors and actresses, and researchers. Together, in conversation, the limitless menu of topics for discussion can consist of subject matter drawn from Quantum Theory, Integrative Medicine, Alchemy, the meta-physical, the unexplained and miraculous, the philosophical, the synchronistic, the intriguing nature of variabled belief systems, spirituality, the esoteric, the paranormal, the Ancients, ancient civilizations, Sacred Geometry, the Mystery Schools, and in the many other facets of the explored, the subjective, and uncharted realms of the human experience. This can all be covered from one inspiring show to the very next whilst leaving the dedicated listener intrigued with wonder, self-empowerment, limitlessness, and bliss. 













Joel Ayala Ayapana, Radio Personality and Host of Quantum Mindfulness Radio, has interviewed some of the most Amazing and of Inspirational Souls to having walked on the Face of Mother Gaia... such as: 





Steve Spooner:



Shaman, Healer, and Facilitor for Drunvalo Melchizedek's School of Remembering 



Staci Marshall:



Public Speaker, Proponent for Integrative Medicine,  Breast Cancer Survivor, and the Director of her organzition entitled - Project Blueberry Melt



Delsey Wilson and Beverly MacKenzie:



Directors of the FOSM - Friends of Serpent Mound Foundation in Adams County, Ohio 



Dr. Carl Johann Calleman:



Public Speaker, Researcher, Scientist, and Author of his most recent book - The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization: A Novel Theory of Our Origins 



M.A. Carrano:



Public Speaker, Experimental Philosopher, Libertarian, Activist, Systems Analyst Consultant, and the author of his new book - Asleep in the Helix: Survival and the Science of Self Realization 



Douglas Ross Hamilton:



Public Speaker, Researcher, Lecturer, Expert on Ancient Wisdom, Philosopher, Healer, An Elder, and the author of his most recent work - Star Mounds: Legacy of a Native American Mystery 



Amelia Kemp Ph.D., LMHC:



Lecturer, Therapist, Healer, Proponent for Integrative Medicine, and the author of her new book - From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy: Alternative Holistic Descriptions & Healing Processes for 170 Mental & Emotional Diagnoses Worldwide 



Arjuna Ardagh:



Lecturer, Director of his coaching practice called Awakening Coaching, and the author of his new book - Better Than Sex



Dee Wallace:



World-Reknown Celebrity, Healer, Motivational Speaker, Radio personality, Author, and the Host of her inspiring Talk Show on Blog Talk Radio - Conscious Creation Radio  



Patricia Cori:



Animal Activist, Lecturer, Sacred Site Expert, World Traveler, Prolific writer, and the author of over 11 books in addition to her most recent - The Emissary - which has been optioned for Major Motion Picture Production starring Bo Bridges 



Jen Klarfeld:



Theta Healer, Hypnotherapist, and Expert on Delores Cannon's Past Life Regression Therapy



Paul Luftenegger:



Motivational Speaker, an Awakener of Hearts, Light Worker, Multi-Award Winning & World-Reknown Singer and Songwriter, and the Creator of his highly anticipated NEW album - Love Expanding Love.  









with Joel Ayala Ayapana RN, BSN, BA



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Through all this time, we have been conditioned by Western Culture to abide by the ways of a world guided by the ego. In the process, we have lost our olden ways as we have been further whisked from under the souls of our feet… away from the Power of our Hearts. Often, we neglect nor listen to what knowledge and wisdom the heart is so willingly able to pronounce.




But, essentially, we possess the capability of changing the DNA, our very make-up and blueprint of our realities, by terra-forming our emotional, vibrational, and energetic landscape through the connectivity we all possess with our sacred heart. The answers that we have always been in search of… lies within the heart. The capacity to heal yourself and others… lies within the heart. The limitless creation and the potential mastery of a masterpiece in literature, artwork, and to any song lies clearly from within the heart. The ultimate in Truths to the discovery and understanding of one’s self and in the world lies, indeed, within the makings of the heart. All in all, it is that capacity within all of our hearts, in connection to Source, which has always been the very flame of inspiration to the path of the light – a light that has always been meant to reignite the very spark within all of our Spirits to Heightened Consciousness. Join Joel Ayala Ayapana for an inspiring and heart-filled two hour workshop as he guides you in Rediscovery to the Power that resides within all of YOU.