Guest Name, Jessica Kavalgian

Jessica Kavalgian
Indira is a Speaker, Author,and Workshop Facilitator

Fifteen years ago, Indira developed programs that guide others to Connect to their inner Self, the spirit within. These programs are effective in giving someone the tools to have their life be a natural self-expression of their vision, and the contribution they are here to make on the planet. Many people are on a quest to discover their true purpose in life. Indira's programs are powerfully designed to go beyond the logic of the mind, to help Connect their Self, which gives people access to pursue and fulfill their purpose and their dreams. Through her workshops, programs and the corporate seminars Indira developed with her husband, Paul within their company, The Delphi Connection, Indira has personally coached, and trained thousands of people. Her own spiritual journey as well as her natural ability to connect to people, both personally and spiritually, has allowed Indira to excel as a personal coach. Indira's passion is making a difference in the lives of others. Knowing that she has contributed to another human being's life is what brings her the most joy in life.