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Jenny Lynn
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We need to wake up fast! We need to live consciously and locally. There's never been a more important time to do your personal work and lift the veil on what is going on in the world. I'm a keen advocate for those of us who are in positions of leadership, to be leading consciously by being the change we wish to see. All of us need to move from the head to the heart and rebuild meaningful communities and recreate wholeness and health without reference to the power snatchers who pose as helpers. What does it mean to live consciously? Why is radical self leadership more important now than ever before?

Transpersonal Therapist, Trainer, Author, Speaker, and Mentor

Jenny is a Transpersonal Therapist, Trainer, Author, Speaker, and Mentor embracing the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health and wellbeing. She also teaches Blues Dancing. She helps transform lives, removing blocks and encouraging people to create meaningful focus by living in the here and now. She works in practice from her home in Essex and from Liverpool Street, London. Her style is insightful, intuitive, authentic and challenging. She sees into the heart of the matter fast highlighting our common humanity. She has guest lectured at home and abroad on subjects as diverse as Buddhism and psychotherapy, The tantra of blues dancing, unlocking the mysteries of chronic fatigue syndrome, integrating counseling skills into your hypnotherapy practice, how to raise self esteem in disadvantaged parents, Isolation and Stigma in the mental Health Service, the psycho-spiritual causes of disease, and the psycho-spiritual aspects of family healing among others.

Jenny has also authored a number of books, including unlocking the mysteries of chronic fatigue syndrome: training manual for therapists which is available on her site.  Jenny now runs which is a forum that meets in London and Essex where she mentors practicing therapists and hypnotherapists to develop their authenticity and mindfulness in their practice, becoming the change they wish to see in their clients, overcoming performance anxiety and leading the way in personal awareness and personal development. She is an authority in her field of integrative psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and a Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists. She has also been a practising Buddhist for more than 30 years.

This is a little bit of personal history. Not necessary in the bio but rambled on a bit on your page. Thought I'd include it.

I have a degree in German and Spanish, a post graduate in teaching and basic, advanced and higher diploma in integrative (transpersonal) therapy.  At 23 I was schizophrenic. The prognosis was poor. But I recovered. I trained as a teacher of Spanish and German at age 30. Had my daughter age 32. Divorced and retrained as a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist. I have also practiced Buddhism since the age of 19.

My life has been about own deep inner revolution. At the age of 52 I now embrace and look forward to challenge and growth. I am used to it. I recently discovered a part of my life that had disappeared almost entirely were it not for a meeting with someone I knew when I was schizophrenic. He told me stories about me that I knew were true, but that I couldn't remember.....until I started feeling them in my body. My body knew what my head had forgotten. I re-met my 23 year old and welcomed her home. 

The last couple of years, since my daughter has grown up, I have traveled with my work, speaking, leading workshops, and treating people all over the world. I have interviewed quirky and interesting people from all over the world, some academic, some intuitive, some spiritual, but all of them without exception, with that something special that makes you want to listen to them. But what I am doing is not enough. I need to do more. There is a book half written that needs to be completed about my recovery from schizophrenia and the lost memories I discovered.

After a lifetime of dance, I also recently started teaching blues dancing. This is a fantastic way of doing personal work 'by the back door'. It will reach far more people in 'normal' every day life than the personal development work I do with those who self select. People that dance think that's all they are doing. But using the body to express music takes us right back to our most ancient tribal roots and that was never more true than with blues dancing, which hails from the black African-american sugar plantation workers.

I need to keep moving. Keep growing. I write this as I sit at the computer as fluidly as it has come. I don't really know who you are or what you stand for though I read your little bios a bit. I just read your email from linked in and hopped over to this page. But THERE was an invitation for me to share my thoughts so I hopped in. Thanks for asking. 

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