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Irene chain Kalinowski
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no woman or family should be traumatised from childbirth. when women know how they celebrate birth

escalating C section rates are a concern and can be avoided when you know how.

Author midwife Homeopath
hi i am 34 years midwife, through three continents author of my body. My. Baby, the Heart and. Soulof midwifery and currently working on my fourth book With woman With. Midwife with Me
i have been interviewed with ric bretton this week in america and HPNinternet radio.
as advocate for women and families where healthy mothers make healthy babies and no woman should be traumatized from childbirth.  my passion is that we change the face of the way we deliver maternity services globally to put the woman and her family first. i am a homeopath and an independent midwife where more than 95% of women celebrate birth without intervention and the minority who need intervention still celebrate birth. you can find me on Linkdin, face book my body my baby and google my name to find my interview with Ric Bretton. I wonder if you can help me continue to make a difference for women globally. 
I am irenechain on Skype 
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0064 9 8373416
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0064 272928733
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0064 272928733
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