Guest Name, Faye Pietrokowsky

Faye Pietrokowsky
coach and consultant exploring the power and joys of cultivating a relationship with one's inner guidance.  Currently using the gift of intuition to write recipes.
coach, educator, consultant and speaker who assists people discover and explore the gifts and power of intuition

My business is called Inner Design- Applying Intuition.  My business started in the 1980's to help people excel at what I love to do- trust my gut.  My goal was and still is to introduce people to the wonderful  inner world and to provide a space for them to explore and cultivate their own relationship with this innate gift, guidance system.  My work included  communiicating with animals and teaching others to do the same .  During the last few years my work has expanded to creating sugar-free recpes using both logic and intuition.  I couild not stop my sugar consumption and was prediabetic. The food that I created has saved me from diabetes and created a whole new world of possibilities.  The process of allowing intuition and creativity to reign in the kitchen is a powerful alliance.